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School of Dragons is a fantastic and very interesting adventure about famous cartoon characters. The player will be able to independently go through the school of Dragons and try to get the highest levels of praise and awards.

School of Dragons
 Redeem Codes (2023 February) 3.28.0
All Codes Expiration date
863DZUTIV9B February 3, 2023
AQ3SKY54DR February 13, 2023
JRQENM29V February 14, 2023
H3YMT2KWBOL January 30, 2023
8QGZLC3SVEX2 January 19, 2023
MVE0J7OKRC6 February 7, 2023
FR2ZM9XYEBJ March 4, 2023
GXCD92856M February 16, 2023
PUK7CIEVZ February 24, 2023
ROFSL38EXCT February 4, 2023
VMLDXEHQS012 March 3, 2023
HA21EJFWU8L January 30, 2023

Gobber, Hiccup and Toothless are already waiting for you in this huge world of adventure made with an original storyline. You will find yourself in the atmosphere of the cartoon about How to Train Your Dragon and become the main character in this story. Take control of your first dragon and start nurturing and nurturing it. So you will have the most terrible and serious creature that will be ready to fight and elevate you in the world ranking lists. Fight other players in real time or unite together, create a clan. Now everything you saw in the cartoon will be in School of Dragons right on the screens of your mobile phones. Have fun and participate in the best adventures. Game Features

  • All characters known from the cartoon in the game;
  • Adapted game and graphics for mobile platforms;
  • Multiplayer adventure mode;
  • A huge world of research, taken from a cartoon;
  • Beautiful graphics in the original performance;
  • Lots of levels, competitions and even clan management.

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