Codes New - Updated on November 20, 2022

Shadow Brides brings new strategic battles between heroes and demons in the palm of your hand. Choose your fighting style and lead your team to certain victories. Hell’s gates let many dangerous creatures into this world, breaking the delicate balance of calm, and now you have to take on its restoration. Witches and vampires rejoice, their hour has come, the forces of evil are ready to fight under your command – study their strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively use all the advantages of the characters in battle. Write your romantic story, looking for a couple among gothic beauties – it’s hard to hide from their charm.

Shadow Brides
 Discount Codes 2022 November 1.0.38
All Codes Expiration date
9LFTVNB75SY November 28, 2022
KFGASXQR18 November 22, 2022
JRY7XSD4Q November 22, 2022
ETGP8ZNU3HX December 11, 2022
83TQ1PJGOAZF December 9, 2022
Z2JE6N83WLB January 8, 2023
QA68G4N9IP2 December 19, 2022
RVKTWHQ2E5 December 13, 2022
19TQB3EGK November 29, 2022
EN06H5RZJOT November 27, 2022
371MSE8GFI56 December 17, 2022
HI2Z53TND74 November 28, 2022

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