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Shadow Fight 3 is an exciting journey into the world of shadows, where the player will have to go from an inexperienced beginner to a great warrior. This is a continuation of the acclaimed game Shadow Fight 2. Travel through the terrible lands, captured by mysterious shadows. Gradually gain strength and master the unique abilities of your hero. Hone your combat skills in training by choosing the path of one of the combat schools. In battles, try different combinations of attacks, based on the weaknesses of the enemy. Also, do not forget about the importance of the right equipment, which can significantly strengthen any character.
In Shadow Fight 3 you will explore a vast world full of numerous dangers. An incredible plot and spectacular dynamic fights will give a lot of joy to all fans of the genre. Excellent graphics and bright special effects make the gameplay even more fun, so it’s hard to tear yourself away from it. The physics in this virtual world are close to realistic, which is why it is so interesting to fight here. Go to meet dangers and subdue all your enemies.
Game Features:

Shadow Fight 3
 Codes 2022 October 1.29.5
All Codes Expiration date
712Y6KJIL4R November 16, 2022
HM5PVWXBE8 October 26, 2022
UYX239MLH November 30, 2022
3W7PLZ6KFQT December 8, 2022
CBPW71X9L8UA November 3, 2022
LKI0MH4ZXW6 November 24, 2022
2PK3RFW4V9U December 21, 2022
JEN1F40PWT December 5, 2022
8QTEB6XZ4 December 2, 2022
C1DNZEBVGY5 December 15, 2022
0QJDNS2YCZLX November 10, 2022
E3HVZG5U2TI November 6, 2022
  • intriguing plot;
  • a huge world for research;
  • wide possibilities of changing the type;
  • unique collectible fighting techniques;
  • colorful graphics.

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