Game Mobile - Updated on June 4, 2022

Shadow Fight Arena is a great toy for all fans of the Shadow Fight fighting game series. Players are invited to move to the virtual arena, where a fiery battle erupts for amazing prizes, trophies, and trophies.

The battles, as expected, take place with the use of a variety of melee weapons, in which fans will recognize familiar katana, spears, axes, maces, daggers, shurikens, nun-chucks, and sea others. Yes, both online users from all over the world and computer bots of different complexity will become rivals.

You will certainly be intrigued by the presence of a large number of different events, a sea of ​​prizes and achievements, classic controls, as well as a multitude of improvements, purchases, combinations, and modifications. special attacks.

Immerse yourself in the battles of Shadow Fight Arena and choose one of the fighters offered at the start. Try to knock your opponents down with a hail of swords and spears, throw stars, jump and perform spectacular somersaults, perform tackles, stun your opponents with lightning strikes. amazing circle jumps and throws.

Throw enemies, perform deadly pounces, apply unique tricks. Use the infinite money mod to give your fighter an immortal weapon at the start of your military life, upgrade your armor and learn super fun tricks and combinations.

Unlock awesome characters, defeat tough opponents, and earn rare gear pieces that provide awesome stats and abilities. Fight in parks, secret temples, bases and dungeons, quiet woods, and palaces. Try to gain maximum skill in controlling a particular fighter and beat the online fans, get a lot of adrenaline!

Download ( V1.4.10 )
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