Game New - Updated on December 15, 2022

Shadow Legends Sword Hunter is a movement sport, role-playing combat in extreme hack and slash inside the fantasy world. You will be part of your Angels Guardian in opposition to the darkness of battle and defend humanity from the Devil’s claws.

The game is prepared in a well-recognized mythological setting, where the battle between Angels and Demons has existed for over 1000 years. The gods of Heaven obtained, sealed the Devil Drastral into an artifact, and hid it in a temple deep inside the forest. Five thousand years have passed, and humanity has created a new world filled with prosperity. All of the issues seem glorious until one-day, monsters appear – they assault the temple that seals the Devil to free their Boss – Drastral ☠️. The Angels observed this, so they quickly despatched the Angel’s Guardian to the world to destroy the enemy and defend humanity.

Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter Mod APK  (Unlocked)

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