Codes New - Updated on August 15, 2022

A game for the most real, immensely courageous, extremely brutal and undeniably brave men. And its name is even more frightening than you could imagine – SHADOWGUN: DeadZone.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
FUA5WXNL7YJ October 9, 2022
OXY53DHKSG September 5, 2022
BHZW23176 October 5, 2022
4NRPV7OSQKU September 2, 2022
S8Q6HPX7RZO4 August 29, 2022
RZO8UY1WE5F September 17, 2022

What’s in store for you? If you are brave enough to install this app on your phone or tablet, then you definitely need to know the details about this bloody shooter.

Imagine the most fantastic world ever. From all its corners (although where did the boundless worlds come from?) the strongest fighters flock to take part in a large-scale competition, the struggle in which will be insanely cruel. Do you hear the atmosphere heating up around you?

You, representatives of one of the most gifted space races, must not fall face down in the dirt! In the game, you can choose one of two locations: start in the zone of control or in the zone of mortal combat, the name of which already gives you the creeps. Unfortunately, the zone of control opens only after reaching the fourth level, but after all, obtaining it will not be able to complicate you. You must attack, constantly be on the move, dodge the blows of numerous enemies who strive to attack from absolutely any side. Will you choose an individual battle or a team duel? It depends only on your ambitions and the chosen strategy. In the second case, you can communicate with the team and discuss the plan of attack, which is often not found in ordinary shooters.

Use the best weapons and armor, win victories and show what you’re worth, warrior!

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