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Are there brave souls in this world who are not afraid of sharks? It is very doubtful, because these real sea predators do not feel any pity or compassion. The only feeling that accompanies the shark always and everywhere is hunger. Perhaps that is why people are so afraid of them. And also because sharks have a menacing and even creepy look. Now imagine for a second that a shark could be even scarier than the one you saw in the movie or in the picture, or maybe even in real life. Represented? Is it possible? That’s right, this can actually happen if you have the Shark Evolution – Clicker Game app installed. With it, you can create new species of sharks, hitherto unknown to science. In other words, you can control the process of virtual evolution of sharks right on your gadget.

List of Cheat EngineExpiration date
XR5M7SBDO4VSeptember 29, 2022
6FX71AC2RVOctober 3, 2022
T6I3HW1PKSeptember 21, 2022
CQBIEKN39F8September 25, 2022
P0197QHU2ACBAugust 28, 2022
3O87WQPZHMBSeptember 28, 2022

The game has a very simple and intuitive interface, and management does not require any skills. Just drag and drop one kind of shark onto another and see what happens. Earn coins, buy new species and cross them again, because in fact it is so interesting and cool. Make the sharks spit coins and you’ll have even more money that you now know how to spend. By the way, the game is completely free, but if you want to create something incredible, then real currency will come to your aid, you can purchase additional elements for it, which will make your task even easier.

Choose your option for completing the game, because there are as many of them as you want. After all, the most important requirement of the game Shark Evolution – Clicker Game is, of course, the presence of boundless imagination and good mood!

Download ( V1.0.24 )
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