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They are so cute, these animals, that you just want to stroke them! And what about food, bathe and dress up? With the Shibo Dog – Virtual Pet app, it’s possible, even if you can’t afford to do it in real life. Your favorite pets look completely independent here and at the same time they really require your attention.

List of Cheat Engine Expiration date
VB2ZQ40E71N September 14, 2022
P7ATJYGS0B August 8, 2022
S48B9TKA2 August 24, 2022
AC3W5RM1QEJ September 30, 2022
K7H0I8364CTO August 10, 2022
F5N8VO0S4H3 September 19, 2022

Dogs love to eat, let’s see what’s in our fridge? Great, there is something here that the puppy will like. Now that the pet is full, he really wants entertainment, but first you need to put yourself in order. Head to the bathroom and bathe your animal. Did you bathe? Excellent. Now that the pet is washed, you can get dressed. Let’s take a look at our wardrobe and choose what suits today’s weather. Is it cold enough outside? then you need to dress warmly so as not to freeze your ears.

Are you a plant lover? Your pet is definitely crazy about this activity, and he is also crazy about games. Now you can afford to play, for which the developers of Shibo Dog – Virtual Pet came up with as many as twelve mini-games so that you can entertain your pet, for example, by playing ball or collecting coins. And the animals are very fond of what moves, which means they will like their favorite “three in a row” where you need to remove cute animal faces.

In general, Shibo Dog – Virtual Pet is a very exciting and entertaining game not only for children, but also for players of almost any age. After all, we all love pets, and sometimes we all want to return to our carefree and colorful childhood!

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