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Go back in time to evil and treacherous pirates who are ready to do anything to find treasure. To become a pirate you need to download Ships of Battle Age of Pirates for Android and immerse yourself in the Golden Age. Become a strong warrior in the Caribbean and enjoy the amazing graphics of this gameplay. You will have to constantly plow the oceans and look for new adventures there. Rob ships of other pirates and take part in large-scale battles. You will be able to conquer the Caribbean Sea and forever remain in the history of other pirates. The player will be able to continue to travel to the most beautiful places in the world, including Cuba, Florida and many others.

Ships of Battle Age of Pirates
 Coupon Codes (2023 January) 2.6.28
All Codes Expiration date
24FDG08ZWMO January 26, 2023
D092FBTYHQ February 9, 2023
MNY4H6TC2 February 23, 2023
RL3Q1DWSG5A January 3, 2023
OSCZEFI8JHBN February 17, 2023
V2YXA17DHM8 February 2, 2023
LSGTRPOQ9JE January 1, 2023
0VES2BYHLD February 6, 2023
6AGVZN5TO February 13, 2023
PT9O70NIMEK February 12, 2023
MCHSVAOLQ9U8 February 15, 2023
2H6RY9SNBC5 January 24, 2023

If you download Ships of Battle Age of Pirates for Android, you will discover the following unique features of this game:

  • More than two dozen ships that belonged to real pirates and even legends in the Golden Age;
  • Beautiful graphics in three-dimensional mode, created in the most realistic style;
  • A unique and exciting storyline of the gameplay, where the player is waiting for a huge number of scenarios;
  • Huge sea space and a wide variety of islands on which your adventures will take place.

The best adventures of pirates Travel to the most picturesque and interesting places of this vast world. Exciting and interesting adventures will await you everywhere. In ancient times, the main character belonged to the Blackbeard team and, together with this famous pirate, plied the seas and oceans, and the company was very successful. In connection with recent events, the hero is given a chance to become a pirate on his own and take his first ship. After that, it will be possible to recruit a professional team and start your adventures. The storyline will take you through many interesting events, and sometimes dangerous moments. At the end of the story, the player will be able to fight Blackbeard himself and transform into a new legend.

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