Game Mobile - Updated on July 11, 2022

Shoujo City 3D is a unique anime game in which you have to go to the wonderful city of Tokyo and meet very unusual creatures. These are anthropomorphic creatures, very much like people, but they have ears and tails. Despite the seeming fairy-tale world, there is only one basic value here – love.

The main task in this game, for each character, is the ability to win the love of a beautiful girl. This game has long been known to many users. Until recently, it was produced in 2D, but this version has been improved and created in 3D. This game is difficult to attribute to a specific genre because you will have the opportunity to simply live life. You can do absolutely anything you want. In addition to the usual walks around the city, you can cook, cosplay, and much more.

Winning the heart of a beautiful girl in Shoujo City 3D is not easy. First of all, you have to do everything that you can like and win the sympathy of the girl. To have fun, you have to visit a huge number of entertainment venues, ranging from classic bars and restaurants to various dance floors.

You can arrange a competition literally out of the blue, and many players from all over the world will allow you to chat on any topic. This is the full version, which means that you will enjoy all the features of this game. Have fun, find true love for yourself and just explore this amazing city.

Download ( V1.7.1 )
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