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Only the lazy have not yet written about their experience of playing SIFU, whether it is positive, with the passage of all locations and bosses without aging, or negative, with a burning fifth point and developed hatred of the game. I would like to tell you about how SIFU is perceived by the couch viewer.

Video version for those who like to dilute the view with memes

It turns out that not everyone can pass such complex games as SIFU, can you imagine? Someone, faced with the difficulties of the game rules, simply does not want to put up with them and quits without finishing. Others, more aggressive, spend a little more time, but also end up with burning asses. Well, someone, gritting his teeth, gathering his will into a fist, takes on any difficulties, if behind them there is an idea, beauty of execution and passion. But this text is not a review of the SIFU game. It’s about what it’s like to live with someone who has grown old trying to pass SIFU.

Oh, how many difficult games my husband went through. Playing Dark Souls is like walking in the park for him. cuphead? Yes, this is a cute cartoon, a game for children. Furi? Yes, he beat the soul out of every boss. And while my husband was mentally preparing for the passage of Elden ring, the developers from “Sloclap” made a gift in which he was able to remember what martial art is. And something this game is hard for him, has he grown old or what?

As a person who watches single games more often, and does not play on his own, I immediately want to note that SIFU can impress even a sofa viewer from the first minutes. Here you have a beautiful graphic style and smooth animations that are pleasing to the eye. And the first fights, as expected, deliver incredible ecstasy. In the first minutes here everyone will feel like a real kung fu master.

In the best tradition, at the beginning the game introduces you to future bosses, because it turns out that we are playing for the most important of them. And Pei Mei from Kill Bill taught him how to do it. Using the technique of five fingers, tearing the heart, this boss kills not just anyone, but the father of the protagonist or heroine. And then he kills the future protagonist. But the magic amulet keeps him alive. And now he, and therefore us, is waiting for the path of revenge from 5 bosses, each of which leads us to a stylish location with many smaller enemies. And what a cool game to watch! Watching my husband handing out lyuli to local thugs, I was so delighted that it took my breath away!

SIFU for sofa viewer - women's opinion

The whole game looks like a continuous, incredibly beautiful staged battle scene. And there was something hypnotic about the way my husband did it. It made me wonder: umm, am I married to a martial artist?

But at some point comes the first death. And here we learn about one of the main mechanics of the game: with each death, the character grows old. The fact is that the amulet, which once saved the hero’s life, revives him with each death, but makes him a year older. And if you die several times in a row, then even more. The player starts at the age of twenty, and the final death, after which everything starts again, occurs after seventy. Then you realize that after twenty, birthdays no longer bring such joy …

As a rule, the first death is immediately followed by the second, and then the third. It becomes obvious that according to the rules of Cobra Kai, it will not work to complete the game.

SIFU for sofa viewer - women's opinion

The thing is, big beautiful games like Batman and Spider-Man have spoiled my husband and other gamers with two-button gameplay. There, to feel like a hero, just press a few buttons. Here, each opponent must be respected. They can all deliver a fatal blow at the most inopportune moment. In the game, much more emphasis is placed, ultimately, not on the distribution of cuffs (although this is also an important part of the action), but on the ability to assess the situation and adapt to all new opponents. Some crush by numbers, and it is better to actively shove them with a separate action. Someone strives to hit something heavy, like a bottle or a pipe cut – it is better to neutralize them immediately so as not to hit the back of the head.

SIFU for sofa viewer - women's opinion

By the way, it was a piece of pipe, along with a bat, that was my husband’s favorite weapon. What a delicious sound on impact!

The last opponents do have some kind of inhuman reaction, and in the battle with them it is much easier not to attack, but to dodge and counterattack. The latter seems to be quite difficult to learn.

The second boss in this game is the very defining moment in relations with SIFU. Someone yells that it is difficult, but my husband found strength and balance in himself and understood one simple truth: Necessary. Learn. Dodge. In fact, this is the whole secret. By mastering this mechanic in combination with blocks, you can become almost invulnerable.

SIFU for sofa viewer - women's opinion

This burning bastard many will remember for a long time

While everyone was worried about the success of the team at the Olympics, I was rooting for my husband at SIFU. Emotions were sometimes similar to those of our medalists, believe me. It was funny to tease him a little after the first deaths. And to my comment that he was aging too quickly at the very beginning, he answered me that he simply could not associate himself with a hero who was younger than him.

For the hundredth time I repeat how beautiful the levels look here. Having entered the very corridor, which has already become legendary, many immediately correctly noted that this scene was from Oldboy. But my husband, entering it, felt like a Daredevil.

SIFU for sofa viewer - women's opinion

And this is just one example of such aesthetically orgasmic moments. The game gives emotions. After each fight, the husband wiped sweat from his palms. When another female fighter humiliated him, he would start the level again to settle the score with her, As soon as you find the strength to start the levels again

SIFU for sofa viewer - women's opinion

comes the realization that the game is not difficult, it is fair. It gives the player a set of mechanics that are difficult to learn at first, but with time, you should be able to complete the level without loss, unless the camera gets in the way. In addition, between levels there is a saving of progress. And now you don’t need to do races for the first two levels. But if you finished the previous level at an advanced age, then when you start the next one, you will most likely say to yourself:

According to the results, SIFU is a piece product, which is difficult to find an analogue for. This is an incredibly beautiful Mortal Kombat in three-dimensional space. This game is not for everyone. Is it worth playing? Worth it if you like complex gameplay mechanics. But if you are not ready for the difficulties, then feel free to skip. Should your girlfriend or wife watch you play? Definitely worth it! After all, this is the sexiest kung fu game, and when you win, you can safely say:

You either fall in love unconditionally with Sifu, or start to hate within a few minutes after the start, feeling your helplessness. And the question is whether you are ready to overcome this very helplessness in yourself. Are you ready to spend your life to learn kung fu?

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