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Being mayor is a very difficult job. You can try if you decide to download SimCity Buildlt for android. Under your control will be a huge city. It will belong only to you and the whole project and buildings appeared here only thanks to you. Develop it and improve it so that life here is prosperous. Sometimes you have to make very serious decisions that affect the inhabitants of the city. Citizens should live in abundance and among developed infrastructure. Draw only the right conclusions. Start trading and chatting with other mayors. Moreover, you can join special clubs where there are managers like you. They will become your friends and will compete with you in development. Initially, there will be almost nothing in your city, but over time you will be able to build up this place with huge skyscrapers, beautiful and picturesque gardens, parks and other tasks that play an important role. Naturally, the population must work somewhere, so factories will need to be built. They will generate resources and also keep people busy. No need to arrange all the buildings at random, try to think before you build. After all, one of the important goals is, of course, taxes that will go to your treasury. The city should have everything – water, electricity and services. Set up a police station, a fire department and a medical center.
City Mayor Simulator You must do your best to improve life in your city. When you can download SimCity Buildlt for Android, don’t forget about transport as well. It is necessary to build subway lines, trains and highways. In general, you will do everything that you could actually observe in your city. The player will feel how it is still not easy to be the mayor of a huge developed city. You can cope with this task if you get invaluable experience in management and urban planning in this game.

SimCity BuildIt
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