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Skillz – Mind game is the best game to test your brain abilities to the maximum level. Give your intellect the most intense competition and find out what it is capable of.

Skillz – Mind game
  MOD APK (Free Shopping) 5.3.0

It’s time to test your brain convolutions at the highest level. In this exciting game you can test all your skills and abilities. Enjoy an exciting game that will really test your logic skills. By participating in Skillz – Mind game it will be possible to improve a huge number of your personal skills and abilities. Improve your memory capacity and reaction speed with exciting puzzles. Concentrate on the game again and try to go through all of its intense levels. All that is necessary for effective training of your brain is in Skillz – Mind game in huge quantities. These puzzles can be played by both children and adults. Everyone will be able to extract from such a collection a maximum of positive emotions and abilities. Put your concentration and reactions to the test by completing dozens of amazing games with different rules. Skillz – An intellectual game for everyone who participates in this world This collection of the best at the moment has a huge number of games that will allow you to develop your own memory, improve reaction speed, increase accuracy and finally reach thinking. For children, such a game as Skillz – Intellectual game will be as useful and interesting as possible. Here they will extract the maximum useful, and learn many things. After each completed level, players will be waiting for a new stage with even more difficult tasks and missions. Try to collect all five stars at each level, and then the virtual universe will recognize you as the best in history.

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