News - Updated on April 30, 2022

An overview video about the long-suffering pirate action was leaked to the Network Skull & Bones from Ubisoft. From the video you can learn a lot of details.

  • The setting of the game is the Indian Ocean during the golden age of piracy.

  • You begin the adventure as a young corsair and must earn the reputation of being the most formidable pirate. At first, you only have a modest single-masted boat at your disposal, but more powerful ships will gradually open up.

  • There is a pirate lair on the Red Island, where you can create new ships and equipment, stock up on provisions, take contracts and communicate with other players.

  • An important indicator of the character is notoriety (Infamy): the higher it is, the more opportunities will become available to you. Notoriety is awarded for completing contracts, exploring the world, searching for treasure, looting settlements, and participating in world events. Among the latter is an attack on a particularly rich vessel, which is accompanied by warships.

  • Some contracts can be completed by a company of up to three people.

  • The appearance of your pirate is allowed to be customized.

  • During a long voyage, it is necessary to monitor the state of the ship and the mood of the crew. The “health” of the ship is restored with repair kits, and the gradually declining morale of the sailors can be increased by eating and drinking.

  • If your ship sinks, you will lose some of your notoriety and respawn at the nearest lair or outpost. Most of the lost cargo will be recovered, and the rest can be recovered from the crash site. But you have to hurry – other users are also allowed to collect sunken goods.

  • The lagoons and rivers are inhabited by animals that will be allowed to be hunted for their skins and meat. In addition, you have to extract resources like ore and wood. Materials are needed to craft ships, weapons and furniture.

  • Before entering into a sea battle, you should study someone else’s ship through a telescope. If you sink the target, you will receive only part of the cargo – it is better to go boarding. Fencing in the spirit Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flagit seems, will not be – in any case, in the video, boarding is designed as a cut-scene.

  • Your duel with an enemy ship can be interfered with by AI-controlled privateers or other users.

  • All content Skull & Bones can be mastered alone – it is not necessary to look for like-minded people.

Skull & Bones should be released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox before April 2023. However, the release of the action, stuck in production hell, was postponed more than once or twice – there is no guarantee that this time Ubisoft meet deadlines.

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