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It will be very interesting to demonstrate in practice all your skills and abilities in the field of economics. To do this, you need to download Skyscrapers – an economic game for Android and take part in the game, which moved from browsers to mobile platforms. At the same time, more than ten thousand people around the world can take part in the game. Defeat them on a huge number of levels and enjoy a unique form of gameplay. The goal of the player will be to build the largest skyscraper, which can have any number of floors. There are no restrictions on the possibilities, except for the supply of resources.

Skyscrapers – economic game
 Discount Codes (2023 January) 6.8.1
All Codes Expiration date
H8LNUMYS6V1 December 11, 2022
M48IRLFHAQ January 24, 2023
4YNK8E6OX January 12, 2023
BLR1DT02EAM December 29, 2022
1FOKWZ7M5YIV January 25, 2023
EQPW5GVCOD2 January 6, 2023
9JDA6EFXL54 January 31, 2023
WQN0RG5SO9 December 16, 2022
8JBV3D4CS December 28, 2022
G3UMI695VTE December 26, 2022
MSOCJY6P4L70 December 18, 2022
KEOSQD4JY1W December 22, 2022

Players who decided to download Skyscrapers – an economic game for Android did not regret their choice and enjoy the following features:

  • Unique gameplay based on the economy and a virtual large-scale world;
  • Beautiful graphics of the game environment;
  • A large system of improvements and opportunities to promote and develop your own construction business;
  • Simple and clear game rules, just like management;
  • Great strategic opportunities and clear teaching of the basics.

Huge economic strategy You will build a skyscraper in this gameplay just like in real life. The player will be given a huge number of opportunities and directions of the gameplay. Hire workers who will work for you and build new floors. The main task is to build the largest skyscraper that will rise majestically in comparison with the buildings of your friends. Then people will come here and inspect the rooms on all floors. They can buy a room here and bring you another income. Then for the money there will be a chance to buy new open opportunities and upgrade the capabilities of your business.

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