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Slap Kings is a crazy mobile action game where you can become a real slapping king. From your slaps in the face, opponents will fly off the screen if you properly upgrade the characteristics of the hero and learn how to strike at the right time. Defeat various opponents and get valuable game coins that are needed to upgrade your heroes. The funny atmosphere of the application and its colorful design instantly cheer you up and allow you to have great fun.
Game Features:

Slap Kings
 Codes (2022 December) 1.4.5
All Codes Expiration date
MQBW0ZSUGPI November 17, 2022
NBDFR4E2OZ October 16, 2022
J18UN9EIF November 22, 2022
740926GSMYR November 20, 2022
M3GS2TDIK4V1 October 18, 2022
LFZR7S5WCM2 October 27, 2022
BZQFVM9NC87 November 24, 2022
US2T1BVXRZ October 19, 2022
7AETO214J November 12, 2022
RUVXJ02ZGT8 November 26, 2022
W1VP5DC97FIS October 8, 2022
E2IZGB095UO November 11, 2022
  • interesting mechanics;
  • bright visual effects;
  • exciting gameplay;
  • wide choice of characters;
  • simple control.

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