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Lead your monkey to success and popularity. You can download Sling Kong for Android and get real pleasure from a simple but very addictive gameplay. Swing on vines, dangle from ledges and spin until you collect enough prizes. Be careful on the way to success, various traps are placed everywhere and troubles can arise. They need to be bypassed, otherwise it’s not worth talking about getting the main prize. Try to climb as high as possible to the very tip of the mountain. It is there that the monkey will be waiting for the main prize and the end of the level. In addition to the monkey, there are a lot of other funny characters here, for which it is worth downloading Sling Kong for Android. Choose for whom you will climb up the mountain. Maybe you will have fun with a piglet, a jellyfish or a chimpanzee. Here are collected more than a hundred crazy heroes, which are created in a very attractive graphics. Invite your friends to this exciting game process and arrange a battle for the best places in the table. Try to beat their records to prove that your character is just as good at climbing mountains and other places. Recently there was an opportunity to dress up and customize your main character personally. The Adventures of the Brave Monkey The player can transform him into a cute animal or a ferocious King Kong, with whom he can later create a personalized selfie and share it with his friends. Use many accessories and combine according to your strategies. Enter the game as often as possible to spin the wheel of fortune, maybe luck will fall on this day and you will get rich. Make funny avatars of your hero and have fun. You will find more than a hundred levels that truly amaze and delight. Feel the superiority of this simple gameplay.

Sling Kong
  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.2.4

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