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Unlock new heroes in three entirely different rarities—diploma up your heroes and abilities to crush your enemies. Assemble the ultimate phrase formations and battle your method to the best. Strategize devastating lineups to counter enemy squads. Choose the right strategies for each shot and sling your heroes to unleash deadly abilities and combos. Put your heroes collectively and hone your experience to defeat the Evil Serpent Queen and her hatchlings. Uncover the proper lineup and method to counter her poison abilities.

Smash Arena Mod APK 0.6.30 (Unlocked Everything)

A good game and zero adds? it's a miracle! Updating for latest update. Got excited when I saw what appeared to be a bunch of new character slots but it turned out to be only one. Also saddened how much you nerfed the rate at which you get gems...takes WAY too long to unlock new heroes now, especially if you roll and get ones you already have. Still one of my favorite games, just played for the first time in a while and it's still fun but was kinda sad no new levels. It's far too easy right now.. It won't let me play, it will let me spend money. But I can play any levels... sucks because it was a fun game but now it's just a waste of space.. My heroes abilities keep resetting to level 1. I upgraded them all to max then today they are all level 1 again. No need to waste my time with this ineptitude.. can you pls add a pvp and why does this game needs strong internet. When are the new chapters coming up? Waited months and the game still ends at level 18.. It's fun. But at 18 levels it is pretty short..

Quick question, when will we see a change to have our own player names as well as a way if you already have everything unlocked and maxed to have other daily quests to do for rewards. I can't move out in chapter 18. Game beat and every character maxed. I haven't deleted it yet because I keep hoping one of these updates will actually be more game but no luck. Please get us more levels. Love this game, wanna give it 5 stars. However game hasn't worked for months even after updates. Don't want to delete and reinstall as I'll probably lose all progress. Please help. Fun game this game ..hope not messing up in any feature update..can u make link account so I dont lose the game in feature plz I just play as a guest.

Been playing for a while and enjoy each new update!. Latest update makes unplayable - enemies now kill all my heros with one hit and my heros seem weaker than when I started. Stuck on a level I can't beat, and since you can't play previous levels, this is completely unplayable now.. Meh....not really to level 2-5 and got basicly got stuck. Tried several different hero combos and leveled up what I could without spending money and still lose every time. The AI rotation makes no sense. Always seems to have more attacks than I do. Also...why the heck would you take a hero from this game and bring it to Smash four...really...put some effort into creating different heros for that game. Heros for both games are very simular..2 different games. Keep them seperate.. I have enjoyed this game, even as the wait for new content stretched to days or weeks. The most recent update, though, appears to have removed a lot of character abilities (the gargoyle can't do a normal attack anymore? Just a grab) and the damage that the enemies do per attack had increased 10x? I can't get through a single round without losing multiple heroes, and then I'm fighting 6 or 7 on 1 or 2 until they also get one shot KOd. I'll probably just Uninstall.. Really loved this game, but was forced to delete it due to it not working anymore. Won't even go to a level. Just stays on the home page. Can't even look at the heros. If it's fixed, I'd love to download it again..

I really enjoy this game! It's so much fun! I maxed out (nearly) everyone, just need to fully ascend the really rare ones. It does need more levels, which i'm fairly confident are coming, along with new characters All in all, great game. Best part is, you don't even have to pay to complete it.. An amazing game. Probably the best mobile game I have played. It is easy to unlock and upgrade heros. Never felt like I hit a paywall At times the game can feel too easy. I can't wait for future updates. My suggestions, harder missions to force players to change tactics, the ability to replay missions, a better mission score system, levels with obstacles to "shoot around", a daily challenge level, puzzle or scenario missions, and i see an opportunity for great PvP. This will stay on phone.. The game is fun but maybe too easy. What are the little gold keys for? Looks like the game ends at level 18. Your creatures Max at level 7.. Was actually kinda fun up until you hit the massive pay wall. Which you can get to in 10 min of game time.. Great game, my only complaint is I got to avout chapter 4 or 5 and haven't had to change my strategy. Max level tye 4 heros I was using and haven't messed with them since. I'm on chapter 18 now. Need to make the difficulty just a tad bit harder, not much. Other than that this game gas great potential.

Great game! It's loads of fun and super chill. The levels Could be more difficult, I thought they were too easy. It would also be cool to see some more variety in the levels and bosses.. Game is fun and easy to pick up just hard to put down. I didn't spend any money and was very successful. But I beat the game lol all 18 chapters levels and bosses and well now I dunno what to do. no other game modes and no replay ability lol no other difficulties so nothing more to do for now .. future updates?? More champs, more modes like maybe coop pvp or some type of dungeons with challenges? It's a good game overall. Would rate 5 stars if I had more to do.. I love this style of game play. A snooker pool combo type of game. I think it's still pretty early access but I think it has potential. I like the single player aspect better than the fake pvp of SmashFour. It'll probably get reset and done over but I'll keep playing it till the money gets involved.. Good game....needs more levels and heros! I haven't been playing this long and unlocked what appears to be all the heros and leveled them all up to level 7 which says they are max level. There are more hero slots with question marks and says they are locked. Also I finished up to chapter 18 level 10 with the new level system and it does not go any further (unless I'm missing something). I would like them to add more levels, new enemies, and more heros. But all in all the game was fun.. Not bad but it wont let me go pass the level 5-30 boss which I have defeated multiple times ready for the next update.

Way better than smashing 4, at least thid team thinks about the players, font chsnge a thing pleasr jus add more content ,stages, characters, good job krep up the good work. Cool concept and definately fun but you guys need to add multi-player in order to expand the longevity of the game. If you do that I could see it growing pretty big due to the skill involved in leveraging the right angles and special abilities to win against other human players. It might be a little too easy to level up characters currently if you are looking to grow by in-app purchases because it really only took a few hours to get several legendary characters nearly maxed out for me.. Decent game, no intrusive ads, but it's way too short and kinda 1 dimensional. Pretty much the same every level and it's over in a day.. The game it self is fun, but small. I understand that the game is basically new, and that won't be a problem forever. I wish there were more content to it, like daily challenges, or a multiplayer. We got new heroes, but can't really use it since there is no more maps avaible. It would be cool if there were something like traps, on certain maps. I look forward in to this game. Also, some charecters need a rework. Game used to be a lot of fun, but I'd beaten all the levels that were available a while back. I just tried to play it again now that I saw a bunch of stuff seemingly got added but it's showing now that all my heroes are locked and when I hit the button to start a match it doesn't do anything.

Great game that involves a degree of strategy and logic that's missing in most games today without needing to pay to play or a ton of ads popping up. The only reason for 4 stars is the distinct lack of content. It requires a weekend, at most, to go through all the levels. Though short, I really enjoyed what's there. While it's not needed, I did buy a $10 item to support development, which I recommend everyone who can afford it to do as well so it can be developed further. I hope to see more soon. is there no way to revisit previous stages?. I absolutely love this game, but it is way too short. When will more levels be added? I'm sick of playing level 5-30 over and over and over while waiting for more levels. I wish there was a way to replay other levels that have been beaten instead of just the last.. Would be 5 stars if the game was longer. Beat it the first two days of playing. Is there going to be any expansions?. Fun game Only reason for the 4/5 stars is there isn't enough levels. I hope more are added soon..

OK game at best. Awesome and challenging game play for a day. Maxed all my fighters out very quickly. Stuck playing the final boss over and over and over and over and over..... would be nice to be able to go back to passed levels for a little variety.. They updated the game, now you can toggle music and sound effects on or off. Important improvement. Now I can't wait for more levels to try.. Love playing the game! Can't wait for more content!. I love this game but new stages need to be added. All of my characters are maxed and I'm unfairly beating the mess out of the boss on 5-30. Don't get me wrong this is an amazing game. But I have done 5-30 so many times now and I haven't leveled up to the next arena yet and WE NEED MORE LEVELS.

Super fun addictive!!!!!! Ready for an update tho I have maxed out almost all my characters........(robot voice)need more input!!!!!. This game is great. Please make more chapters soon. Maybe some PVP. Loving the game but we need more levels instead of 5-30. We need and want a LOT MORE LEVELS PLEASE. Great game. No need to spend money for greatness, I just wish the game was a bit longer. I'll wait for the update and keep playing.. The game itself is fun. Reminds me of a game I used to play that no longer exists. My main issue is the lack of content. I really do appreciate the addition of new heros, but I'd like to see more chapters honestly. New heros don't mena much if you can only farm the last level. The game is fun I just wish there was more focus on expanding the campaign than making new heros we can't really use..

Was enjoying it very much. Then I hit the end and keep going against the boss again and again. No PVP. Limited heroes selection. Once I fully leveled them and found a team that beats the boss easily, game became pointless. Add more content. Awesome game! Love it. Just waiting for more levels. Wish I was able to go back and replay from the beginning while I wait for new ones.. Absolutely addicted to this game.. even though I've played thru all the available stages I still grind the last boss fight in attempts to level up and obtain new characters. Really hoping for some new content soon!!!. Very fun game, looking forward to more content. One thing that I would suggest is that if a character is fully ascended, not to keep getting cards for that hero in the summoning portal. That's wasting my summons for characters I can't level up anymore.. Great game, mixing dnd and pool at the same time. Wicked fun until I beat the game. Is there no way to go back and start at previous areas after chapter 5 the serpents lair?.

Very fun game to play. Can't wait for more heroes, levels, and enemies!!! I think an option to replay levels at higher difficultly levels after you complete them would be a nice addition big fun. Loved this game so much I beat it in a day or 2. Wish there was a way to replay campaign at a higher difficulty while more content is added. Love the games its awesome but im at the end boss and last level already seems short hope you come out with more levels. This is a really fun game that has a lot of potential. The cast of heroes is great, and it's clear that they have plans to add more of them. This game for sure isn't finished yet, but I don't see that as a huge problem. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this game. That being said the enemies could use more variety. Also there is a combination two heroes that can do enough damage to one-shot most enemies or even bosses, which ruins any sense of balance and makes the game too easy.. Love the gameplay. Only issue is there is nothing to do now. I finished the game in six hours and now can only fight the boss at 5-30 over and over. It would be nice to back and play them all freely. Or new levels eventually..

Honestly my only complaint, and all that's keeping it from a five star is that there's just not enough game. So this is 4/5 instead of 5/5 for only one reason - the game isn't done yet. There just isn't enough content. What's there is fun, original, polished, and well done. I installed this one a whim, and I haven't put it down for 48 hours. I ran my phone battery dry playing this. Twice. But now I'm finished with chapter 5 and there's nothing left to do. I've got all my characters to max level, and I can easily beat the final boss over and over again, what avail? That being said, this really is a cool, unique game. I love the concept - spinning top pool-ball things is something I'd not seen before, and the depth that's already been done with distinct abilities, roles, and symbiotic combinations makes for engaging play. A few suggestions, since the company seems open to them: - Increase the variety of enemies: There are a WIDE variety of player characters, from tank-types to supports, to healers, to variations on DPS. The enemies, however, seem limited to big/small ones, with the occasional ineffective healer, and the bomb-dropping guy, who more often than not blows himself up. Some suggestions? Ranged DPS (make them shoot stuff), immobility, better healing, debuffs/buffs, summons. - Scale the difficulty a bit, probably through those variations, but also through simple increases: I played all the way through and lost ... once, and only because I misplayed it. I never really felt challenged. I can, and have, beat the final boss repeatedly with full HP bars in the end. - Vary the stadia: What about a circle? What would that do? A x-agon? Other shapes? What about obstacles? What about characters with abilities to ignore obstacles. What about characters with abilities that change for each bounce? What about parts of the stadium that have other impacts on movement (slow/speed/change direction/etc). What about characters that can make/alter those parts? What about elements that do damage when hit (spikes?). Characters that can add/destroy/ignore those? - Other forms of movement: What if some stuff could bounce? Particularly opponents:? What if some stuff could fly/drop to to a specific point. What if some stuff didn't bounce in a traditional way, or made other stuff not bounce in a normal way. - Game modification: what if a character/boss could freeze another character? What if they could disable one or more abilities? When this game gets done, I rather doubt I'll have any trouble changing this to 5 stars. Hoppe to see that soon!. Really like this game. Simple and easy to play while busy or on the go.. I've maxed out at the latest update for levels and really hope more are coming! Would love the ability to choose to go back and play previous missions since all I can play now is the final mission... Over and over again... Lolol. Would also love to be able to sift through heros or be able to compare to build best team!! Just a suggestion dev team! Also will there be an ability to add a 5th hero to team or just stay at 4??. GOOD: Excellent game. No time limit during gameplay (unlike others of its kind). Characters are cute with a range of skills. Plenty of in-game currency to upgrade your critters. NO ADS!!! ************* NOT SO GOOD: Waiting for more content (chapters and characters). Been a long time since I was addicted to a game! Thanks!!! P.S. add more levels ASAP.

Great game, hoping more content comes out soon. Note for the Devs, maybe add a function to watch ads for some in game currency. The store isn't bad at all, but since you get to the end so fast and can just keep playing a boss level over and over again there isn't much incentive to buy from the store. The option to watch an ad might be attractive to someone starting out, and atleast the devs make a little money from that to help progress the game.. Cant wait for more levels to come out!!!! Waiting to earn more characters lol. Very fun game, it just needs more levels. Gameplay is fun, you get enough in game currency to keep your characters up to level as well as upgrade their abilities. Still takes a little bit of grinding, but over all super fun. One more thing that would be nice is going back to previous levels.. There are only 150 levels that are easily beaten in 30 seconds to a minute each. The entire game can be beaten in a couple hours. It's a perfect example of a good idea that was put out too quickly to make a quick buck. Don't bother.. It's a fun game and all, but I got to a point where I can't move on. No further levels, no new characters I can't even level up the characters I do have. They are permanently stuck at level 7..

I love this game very entertaining and addicting. I think this game has sooo much potential.keep expanding this game please! Or start over and make a #2?!. Fun game I really enjoy all of the mechanics I think it should stay the way it is just keep adding to it. I've made it to land 5 .ive faught the end boss atleast 20 times and beat him every time.i didnt advance to the next stage.thats 1 problem.the other problem is I have used my summons over 200 times and still am stuck with the same is very aggravating and time consuming to play this game and go absolutely nowhere.. Originally gave this 2 stars, but now im tired on playing the same level over and over. By the time new stuff comes out I will be able to fully max out the new stuff. Dont waste your time installing, most likely new stuff will not be available anytime soon. Still nothing new worth anything months later. If there no decent new content soon this game is getting deleted!!. Super fun game I sat down and played it non stop until I beat it. No forced ads is nice. Wish I could support the devs but there are no in app purchases at the moment. Stops at 5-30 which is a bit short. Needs more content but I'll be keeping it on my phone while I wait for an update.

It's pretty fun to stall the enemy with poison, but there is a lack of heroes, and the levels stop at 5-30, so the story isn't very long.. Definitely think this game should be 5 stars. I'm confused why the 3 star rating. It's still fairly new so not many levels, but love the concept, and the way an actual bounce strategy is effective and can determine if you win or lose. You're usually as good as your rating in most games. I'm looking forward to more characters and levels.. I actually had fun for the first couple days that I've played and getting the combos is fun and the wolf is broken with healing powers. I think it would be good to have multi-player in this game on the side. Can't wait for more updates. Fun game but is 5-30 all the level's?. Didn't work after level 5 kept fighting same match.

Game was good but have finished and maxed out all the available heroes over a month ago. Really fun game. Needs more content! Pros: * Gameplay feels really polished. * Artwork is nice. * Strategy is actually important in some cases. * No pay to win. * New mini game is a fun way to make grinding ascension feel less tedious. * Boss fights are challenging and feel really balanced with the level scaling. Cons: * Currently game ends at chapter 5-30. Maybe 6 hours of non-stop gameplay then you can replay the same levels without progression. * Rarely, game freezes on startup.. Enjoyed the game and you have to use strategy to use characters optimal for the level. Maxed out on end game and characters so I will patiently wait for some updates may even bump to 5 depending on additions.. Develop faster! Super fun. Only complaint is if Zral misses his Poisoned Shard the control disappeared and you gave to surrender and start again.. Fun and addicting! Like others have said, the stages stop pretty early on (I've only had it for a couple of days) but it was really entertaining for those days! All the characters are powered up and I'm excited for the next stages. Would be nice to be able to play back through the campaign instead of playing the last level on repeat. Maybe up the difficulty since all the heroes are powered up?.

It's fun. Just once you get to stage 5 that's it. Only able to get a fee heros but says theirs bunch more locked. Expand the game and get a better rating.. It's a decent game but it's not finished. The content stops like 1/3 of the way through.. Maxed all available heroes. Farming 5-30 while waiting on more content. Super fun game that the devs are actively working on.. Very Enjoyable! I eagerly await the next expansion.. Great game! Needs more characters and chapters..

Just ready for new levels been on 5-30 for weeks now lol. Super fun game, maxed out all available characters so far and beaten the last stage multiple times. Cant wait to see further levels and characters. Keep up the great work. The fun game look forward to new levels new challenges new Hero characters and some different evil characters to challenge you in the game. So...finished serpents lair, got all team to max level and max ascension...and apparently there is nothing after the fifth level. Entertaining if yoh don't mind beating a game completely in one afternoon.. Hey what's the debug code? Lol.

I'm not usually into these types of games, but this one is simple enough to pick up quick, and complex enough to stay fun. It desperately needs a mute button, and maybe something at the end of level 5-30 to let you know you've reached the end of the currently available levels. This game has a great foundation to build on.. Haven't seen a new hero in too long. All other heroes maxed out. Game is only good for a week at most. Do better. I need more of this game! When is chapter 2 coming?. So far so good waiting on updates broski. It was fun at 1st. But it stops on level 5 - 30. I have played and beaten that level and it looks like it shows a level 6 but nothing will get me past it. I have beaten it with every conceivable lineup because it doesn't really tell you whether or not a certain lineup needs to be played to move on. So now I will probably just uninstall it because there is nowhere else to go. But it was kind of fun at 1st to kill time. If you're going to release a game, it should more than 5 levels..

Great game but still no chapter 6 or anymore characters. Getting annoyed waiting for improvement. Short game but really fun can't wait for more. Loved the game only issue is lack of sound controls and a limited character pool witch I see are in work. I can't wait for more of this game its amazing.. No sound controls like turning the music off. Can't backup to cloud or even set a profile name... This game needs some work to complete with the other one just like it with many more features.. Great game I recommed is there a chapter 6 to this game.

Very fun , is it supposed to end at 5-30 ? Only wish there was more !!. Finished the game in 4 hours. Only 5 levels each have 30 fights each but there are only a few playable characters hopefully more can come out soon I was super into it. Fun game, wish there was a mute button or a way to lower the volume can be really loud also replayed last level like 50 times thinking I was missing something to progress, had to look at reviews to know it was actually the end also it shows slots for more characters not available which does not help but it is really fun just really need more levels or at least the ability to replay levels tired of playing the last level. I personally had a lot of fun with the game. A couple of critiques/notes, it would be really nice to have some volume controls. Brozakx and Tilia's heal interaction breaks the game. It is a good interaction just too strong. I also feel like a lot of the heros don't bounce enough.. Good game. Can't access last area but I tore through this thing in a couple days. Brazka and the healer combo will carry you through. Fun but online play and maybe a random mode would be nice..

Game development is still in progress, but so far it's great. The different characters have character, and strategy matters enough to make working your way through the levels challenging and fun. The only downsides so far: short, no ability to replay levels save the last one, and updates seem to be making the game so far even better, but does not expand the content, so maxed out, end game me is stuck. I wait (patiently?) for the next updates. . I hate to give 3* but too many deductions. This game can be addictive and is well worth the play but needs more care to give game more polish. In today's age, there's no excuse for NO "support" structure and this has none! Update 1* In fact, there's no way to even transfer your progress when upgrading phones. Again, in this day & age, there's no excuse! I've learned there's no way to recoup my data and I was pretty far, so uninstalling. Which is a shame as the game has made some improvements.. What's up. I'm stuck at 5-30 anything past it.. Still haven't added a mute function. This game is quite a bit of fun. Really relaxing and different kind of game. It is a pretty new game, so it doesn't take that long to hit the end of it, but it is a fun journey, and I will excitedly wait for more levels..

So... Is this it? 5 levels and it repeats? Dozens of character slots and no characters to fill them? No ending or storyline? I'm afraid I'm gonna need my time back.. I saw an ad for this game and decided I'd give it a try. I expected it to be a heavy pay to play or loaded with ads. But this seems totally the opposite. I have played for an hour and haven't seen 1 single ad. I was given in game resources in a fair and reasonable manner, and never wished I had more but didn't want to pay for it. This is what mobile games should be. And to top it off, the gameplay was easy, balanced, challenging, and above all, different. I have not played a game quite like it.. I've had this game for a few months and it's alright but after quite a few updates there's still no new levels or heroes and now this new update is "reworking stage 2 levels"? We don't need reworked levels that we cant even go back to play we need new levels. Beat the game in 2 days and have hardly played since because there's literally nothing new. Seriously considering Uninstalling but I think I'll wait for another update or 2 and if nothing new comes its gone.. Finished the levels and maxed characters in 2 days. Has me wanting more. Nice to play a game without ads. I understand at some point developers would like to make a buck or two and I'm ok with it. Keep anything to a minimum and I will continue to play. Overall fun game.. Great game. It was way too short and pretty easy, but it was a lot of fun. I would love a pvp mode..

Like the game but won't let me proceed beyond last boss on 5th stage. Not a bad game but it needs more levels. Promising but still too short level 7 cutoff on some characters feels low.. Very fun game, very simple and great to pass a few minutes or a few hours. However I've beaten what is out so far and maxed out the heros there is. Hopefully there will be an update soon to add more levels and heros to unlock.. Enjoyed the game. Done small tweaks I would like to see would be a mute button. When you reach the end of s5 it would do something like restart with more difficult enemies. Even if it's just increasing their damage or health. Make it clear the game isn't complete when your finish the last available section. There seem to be only 8 heros but 20 hero slots. I was never able to figure out if I'm missing something out if they are just not in the game. Great game just needs some small tweaks..

Yup that did it, but now theres no more levels . Great game! Lots of fun but I keep getting the same characters in the portal very hard to max out the few that are left plus you get nothing from getting already maxed out characters from portals. I love this game. Very fun and addictive. Only down side that I see is that it is a short one. Seems the game ends after level 5-30. If this is true and their is no more than that is very upsetting and will get Uninstalled sadly.. Empty and unfulfilling this game only has 5 stages of 30 levels and only 8 heros? Where is the rest of the game im maxed out after 2 days of casual play (Edit) Going in to see other reviews I realized this game is still a baby ill be going to s4 to see what this game could become. I love the game I can't wait until there is a larger version. I really wish it was a larger board. Maybe one more player in teams. I would really like to see this more so remind me of pool ever so slightly. Can't wait to see more..

This is a great app. Quite different from Smashing Four. But we need far more. I completed it in 3 days. For beta, focus groups/usability studies are best (before a mass release). While we're waiting, at least let us play previous levels (sure, with gained power nerf or something to make it challenging). Can't wait to see the next chapter and new heroes.. I just finished playing through the available levels and mostly maxed out all characters. Overall I really enjoyed the game. I like the characters compared to similar games and I also prefer this game play stlye compared to pvp. I wish there was a bigger selection of both player and opponent characters. I guess I just wish there was more.. First. Your Facebook ad shoes videos of smash four. (-1 *) Second. NO SOUND CONTROLS. (-2 *) Please add a "settings" page with options to mute sfx and bgm.. I originally gave this game 5 stars as I liked the gameplay and art-style, but now I tried to play it and it reset all my progress and brought me back to the start. Unfortunate, because I was looking forward to the future of this project.. really fun game, just wish it had more content. i reached the last level available so far after only playing for a couple days.

Great game, but for some reason game won't go past level 5-30. Kind of irritating. It's really coming along nicely, I like the changes they've incorporated.. Nice, but I'd give it 5 if I could fig7re out how to turn sound off. Fun Game, got to the end of it. Would love to see more heros you can git and more and a variety of levels maybe add some hazards like spikes or something to them.. Decent game. Needs an audio setting..

Game is nice. Always wanted a campaign mode for smashing four but lack of updates and unable to save progress makes me think I am at least 6 months ahead of the party. Please don't release beta versions to the public.. Love this game! I read some of the reviews. When will you be updating/ add more chapters?. This game is fun and addictive, but it needs more characters and levels ASAP!. If you are going to delete progress at least come up with some system where there is hope of getting rewarded for being beta testers.. I like it, but it's too short..

Fun game with a good variety. I like that I can play a short round or be engaged for a longer period of time. I specialized in a certain group of heroes, but the diversity of maps forced me to learn the other heroes available. Can't wait for more updates, I'm already maxed out. Would love to help test.. Not allowing different strength throws of your characters based on how far back you pull seems like a real missed opportunity for opening up potential tactics in play. Instead, they just fly all over the board every turn no matter what you do.. I beat 5-30 and nothing happens not to mention i never get new heroes. Guess it was fun while it lasted. Great game needs more characters an unlockable stuff thou bored at level 5 full maxed out all my people Dont know what more I can do now but I still play its fun just lost lots of the build up for me. I haven't had any issues running the game so it seems like they have fixed that. I do wonder when other heroes will unlock..

Fun game but needs more levels.

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