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Smashy Duo is a completely different game in which you can control several heroes at once. They must defeat many fantastic creatures and get to the main rewards.

Smashy Duo
  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 5.3.2

You should definitely try to play this exciting arcade game, from which it is very difficult to break away. Gather together amazing heroes and take them to the arena, where you are waiting for battles with cool bosses and monsters. Try to defeat everyone and become the best in this fantasy world. There is absolutely nothing difficult in managing these heroes and even a child can get used to the principles. In addition, this game will affect him as a tutorial, which is very cool. Already, there are more than a hundred unique heroes in the game, and all of them can be discovered in the process of passing levels. They differ both in appearance and in superpowers. Naturally, to support their strength, you need to use additional improvements, and you will learn this as soon as you can download Smashy Duo for Android. Fantastic visual effects and beautiful high-quality graphics will not let you tear yourself away from the gameplay. Smashy Duo – Unique Hero Battles Players will need to get a feel for the rhythm of this gameplay right away as it picks up pace. The dynamics at the levels will grow and it will become more and more difficult for the player each time. Very easily you will learn the secrets of control and be able to easily control each of the heroes available in the game. More than fifty levels can be completed if you download Smashy Duo for Android. Try to find the main Boss and destroy him. In addition, if you open all one hundred heroes, you will enjoy the use of absolutely everyone and open all their superpowers. Also, the number of monsters is very different and certain locations have their own dangers. All this fantastic madness is embellished with cool and original soundtracks.

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