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It is already known that the factions in Dune: Spice Wars become House Atreides and House Harkonnen. Shiro Games introduced another interested party – smugglers. They can infiltrate enemy settlements and secretly siphon resources from there, and also prefer to attack weak and isolated units.

The Spice trade brings in big profits, and the most diverse personalities flock to the big profits. Those who want to be out of reach of the COOAM corporation turn to smugglers. Free traders secretly dream of one day gaining enough strength to become one of the Houses of Landsraad.

The smugglers are represented in Dune: Spice Wars in the following way:

  • The faction is led by Esmar Tuek, a hardened merchant who is the most respected man among his supporters on Arrakis. Due to the spice war unfolding on the planet, the smugglers united under the leadership of Tuek to defend their interests.
    • Esmar’s associates include four people: his son Staban Tuek, the quartermaster Drisk, the head of security for Bannerjee, and the water merchant Lingar Beut.

  • Smugglers start in the polar regions of Arrakis, so they take advantage of the water trade.

  • They are able to penetrate the settlements of other factions and quietly pump out resources from there. Parasitizing on the development of their neighbors, free traders can squeeze profit out of even a stone – they are so good at optimizing economic flows.

  • In combat, smugglers focus on vulnerable and easy targets. They are capable of disrupting the supply of enemy forces, but on the battlefield they “require time to warm up.”

  • Smuggler Unique Units:
    • Scavengers – Prefer to attack weakened and starving units. Depleting an enemy’s supplies increases their strength.

    • Robbers (Wreckers) – use chemical weapons to reduce the reserves of the enemy. They are a good support unit, providing their allies with access to loot.

    • Snipers are accurate marksmen with upgraded sniper rifles. This unit shoots the farthest and can finish off targets fleeing the battlefield.

    • Mercenaries (Free Company) – the most famous assassins and bounty hunters in the entire Empire. Equipped with dual swords and invisibility devices. Able to imitate the skills of the enemy.

    • The combat drone is a highly mobile mechanical unit designed for autonomous combat.

At first Dune: Spice Wars Coming to Early Access on PC sometime in 2022. Earlier, the team answered in detail the most frequently asked questions about the game and showed a gameplay trailer.

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