Game Mobile - Updated on January 5, 2023

Snake Rivals is a modern analog of the beloved Snake. Cool locations, bright colors, large-scale battles, multiplayer mode. Explore a large territory, you need to find food for the little snake to quickly grow up. Avoid strong enemies and try to destroy the weak ones. Gradually the character will increase in size. Limited resources, but complete freedom of action and decision making.

Snake Rivals (Hack Immortal/Mod Unlimited Gems/VIP) 0.49.4

Snake Rivals

Be it an aggressor or a peaceful being, think about effective tactics that will lead to ultimate victory. And the title King of snakes. To do this, you need to practice a lot, sharpen your character’s skills, do not avoid battles, because only the worthy will become king.

hack snake rivals

If a person is bored, you can invite friends. Apples were scattered all over the field. By absorbing them, the snake grows. It is important to move carefully so as not to collide with other Persians. In multiplayer mode, three options are available: classic, battle royale, and rush. The controls are really simple – just set the direction of the snake, let it move freely, avoid obstacles and eat apples.

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