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Sniper Arena is an exciting game where you have to take on the role of a sniper participating in a bloody war. Feel the adrenaline of a real battle, when your life hangs in the balance, and the number of killed opponents depends on your composure and speed of decision making. Become the best fighter by competing with over 500,000 real players around the world.

Sniper Arena: 3D online shooter
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The gameplay of the game Sniper Arena is quite simple, but very interesting. You get to one of the maps where you need to kill the maximum number of enemies in a certain time. The battles here follow the principle of a shooting range: you do not move while in cover, but aim at your opponents by looking around. You can use the optical sight of your rifle and thermal imager.
There are two types of equipment available to you in Sniper Arena: sniper rifles and helmets. The former are responsible for attacking parameters (damage, accuracy, rate of fire, etc.), and the latter for defensive ones. Both helmets and rifles are taken from real-life models, and the sounds of shots are as close as possible to real ones, which makes the game especially attractive.
Any weapon and helmet in the Sniper Arena can be upgraded with in-game currency. By upgrading equipment, you can increase your chosen characteristics and get ammunition with the necessary parameters of protection, rate of fire, accuracy and damage. Also here you can change the color of your rifle and helmet, choosing from a variety of camouflage types.
In Sniper Arena, you have several combat modes available. The main modes are “every man for himself” battles, team battles and battles for certain territories. You will also be able to participate in Duels, competitions between players, access to which opens after purchasing the appropriate equipment. In addition, seasonal Races of Heroes with solid rewards are held here.
Sniper Arena is a global competition between players, squads and alliances with detailed statistics. Earn ranks as you progress from Recruit to Phantom, get medals for victories in various tournaments, help your squad and alliance rise in the rankings – here every sniper shooting fan will find something to their liking.

  • Sniper battles in picturesque arenas.
  • Several battle modes, including team competitions.
  • Realistic equipment with the possibility of improvement.
  • Squads, alliances, in-game chat and various tournaments.

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