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January 19, 2017


If war never changes, then snipers are champions of immutability. At least the one shown in Sniper Elite. Karl Fairburn will soon become the hero of the battles of World War II for the fourth time, so in my face looked at the preview version of his new adventures. Now the action takes place in 1943 in Italy, where an elite sniper was transferred from Africa. The essence has not suffered from a change in the scene of action: we still carefully shoot the most valuable thing for the Nazis.

The demonstration of murders is a wonderful thing only in the first hours, and then all these atrocities become boring.

cutthroat island

During the presentation, we managed to play the first mission, whose action took place on a small and quite picturesque Italian island. A couple of villages with stone and wooden houses, several ruins and German garrisons with tents and equipment, and numerous bushes in which the hero becomes invisible to the Nazis. However, one can put up with this convention, especially since thickets help to get rid of pursuers and aim without fear of being detected.

Both will often be needed. Karl can hardly cope even with two opponents in an open battle, and they easily gather five to seven people on an alarm signal. The main objective of the mission is to kill four officers and one general; each of them is guarded by ordinary foot soldiers, so it will not work through or without resistance. Luckily, this time around, Rebellion doesn’t have to look back at the PlayStation 3’s 256MB of RAM, so the maps will be much bigger and more varied.

The island was remembered for its constant elevation changes and alternative approaches to each goal. You can get to one of the officers in at least three ways: through the bridge, along the winding path past the checkpoint, or through the sewer pipes. Karl, like the heroes of Assassin’s Creed, has learned to quickly climb ledges and jump from ledge to ledge.

One shot is enough

There are not so many interactive objects, but those that are are placed for a reason. Tractors, trucks and gas canisters explode to attract the attention of the enemy, generators jam your shots, allowing you to shoot bursts of enemies, tasks are associated with German field cameras. Moreover, these additional goals appear right during the mission. For example, after the murder of one of the officers, I was offered to clean up a small area from all the Fritz.

Once they even managed to catch an officer passing by barrels of fuel, and one shot from a hill saved him from a huge detour to the enemy fortified area. Very often, it is the approach to the theater of operations from above that is optimal. Towers scattered around the map work for the same tactics.

There are no special details about the plot, but its presentation is again too serious. But who plays Sniper Elite for the story?

The shooting system has remained largely the same: in sniper mode, the scope shakes and you need to hold your breath. It is possible to mark objects and opponents of interest, so that, having moved to a more advantageous position, not to lose sight of them.

Melee weapons play a secondary role. There are also stretch traps, which are very nice to put on the way to a busy tower. The difficulty has been slightly edited: the maximum level is now not so distinguished by its hardcore against the background of the penultimate one. Beginners will definitely need time to get used to, although not so much. Literally in a couple of hours, you will already be able to easily set “headshots”, during which the camera shows how the bullet pierces the skulls of the Nazis.

Country of the Deaf

Another important question is: do these turtles have artificial intelligence? On the one hand, for covert passage, the enemy should not be too smart, on the other hand, in Sniper Elite III, it was impossible not to notice the blatant stupidity and not want to correct it. It seems that this time the balance has been struck. After an inaccurate hit, opponents no longer start circling in place; and if you stand on a cliff without shelter, you will be quickly seen; when an alarm is announced, enemies run from different sides, although in normal situations they do not always guess to go to the rear.

From the video and demo from gamescom, it seemed that the opponents were deaf, and this is confirmed. As a result, the stealth turns out to be strange – they don’t notice you in the bushes, even when you actively rustle, the sounds when jumping from a height are also not critical. At the same time, everyone is shouting very actively, but, apparently, into the void.

The game is being prepared for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the versions will be almost identical. Only the resolution on the Sony platform is higher, and the frame rate is more stable. However, I played on the Microsoft console and almost did not notice any real problems, despite the fact that they did not even show an alpha version. Unless one of the tasks could not be completed due to the missing character, and the water looks a little strange. Otherwise, by modern standards, Sniper Elite 4 looks moderately good.

Large open areas and numerous bushes create tactical space.


The PR people of the publisher in Russia, Buki, said that the main plot is already ready and the developers just need to clean up the rough edges. Judging by the pre-alpha version, there are not so many of the latter, and this is a good sign. We are waiting for the cutest, largest and quite loyal to newcomers part of the series. Another thing is that these characteristics do not promise a technical breakthrough, an open world and mass character – just a new generation of consoles dictates its own rules and provides new opportunities. It is unlikely that Sniper Elite 4 will be a hit for everyone, but fans of tactical action games should keep an eye on it.

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