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At one time, Sniper: Ghost Warrior became a ticket to a new life for City Interactive, where this publisher and developer was no longer perceived only as the author of the well-known concept of “Polish shooter” (this is about the same as “Russian quest”). After all these Terrorist Takedown, Code of Honor and other Battlestrike, the company began to release much more decent games and even grew to Lords of the Fallen. And now Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 can become a new breakthrough for both the series itself and City Interactive (now responding to CI Games). I was convinced of this personally by trying the beta version.

We were not allowed to work with a gunner partner in the beta, but perhaps the situation will change in the full version.

Free Georgia

The authors really made a big bet on the third part of their sniper simulator, which they called in advance without too much modesty “the first AAA game in the series.” They significantly increased the budget, invited well-known developers who appeared, including in the League of Legends, Guild Wars and Far Cry teams. And they did what almost everyone does today – they brought the game into a large open world, so now Ghost Warrior 3 is no longer like the first two parts, but more like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The usual structure of the narrative, clearly divided into separate missions, is a thing of the past. Now we are operating in an open area, which is presented by the authors as part of Georgia. Here the interests of three opposing groups clashed (including bad Russian separatists, of course), which are so divided that this whole mess can turn into almost the Third World War. Retired US sniper Jonathan North sneaks into Georgia to put out the flaming flames. In general, the scenario is cranberries, common for Poles, Czechs and our other Slavic brothers, which we were fed back in Operation Flashpoint and Arma.

Walking with a sniper

In principle, for some time you can forget about the plot altogether and just drive the Niva around the open spaces, explore “points of interest” (the map is dotted with question marks), collect money and resources there (metal or electronic parts), search for and do side missions. Or just shoot deer running past, passing cars and armored personnel carriers. And then return to your shelter – there you can sleep off, restore your health, choose a new task, change / buy weapons, make ammunition and gadgets from the collected resources, attach a new kit to weapons or armor, for example, a silencer.

While you are digesting this information, I will finish you off with the fact that a role-playing system has appeared in Ghost Warrior 3. Based on the results of completing each task, the game counts all your actions – how many and how were killed, how many times you were noticed, how many headshots you set, what was the maximum distance of the shot, how much and what was blown up, and so on. And for everything it gives out a certain amount of “exp”, which is distributed over three branches – “Sniper”, “Ghost” and “Warrior”.

They kill really fast.

That is, if, for example, you made twenty headshots, the percentage of hits was above fifty, and you shot from two hundred meters, then more experience will go to the sniper section and you will quickly get a new skill point in it. And there you can unlock new abilities like the ability to see where enemy cameras and snipers are looking. If they went ahead, blew up, often took lead on their chest, then the “Warrior” branch is “pumped” faster.

My Way

As can be seen from the previous paragraph, missions can be completed in different ways – this, in fact, was the case before. The most classic and true, of course, is to lie down on some hill or on a tower and shoot enemies from a sniper rifle, preferably by installing a silencer on it. One of the two missions available in the “beta” was just “sharpened” for this style – there you need to eliminate the bad Russian general, who looms in the window of a high-rise building. And for this you have to get to the roof of the building opposite.

But, firstly, on the way to the sniper position, houses with enemies come across, and in the building itself, guards walk up the stairs. And now you are free to deal with them in different ways – quietly sneaking up from behind, knocking out or interrogating with passion in order to find out the positions of the enemy; kill with a blow on the run; shoot from the “Kalash”, which is also allowed to install a silencer. Secondly, the enemies have become wiser and very quickly determine your location – they run headlong there or start firing from mortars.

Finally, some missions are not focused on sniper work. In the second available task, of course, you can shoot at enemies from a distance from some hill, but sooner or later you will have to go down and get into a well-guarded satellite dish complex in order to redirect some signals in three of them. In the process, almost like in Metal Gear Solid V, you can search the premises for resources and ammunition, hide in trash cans and cabinets, break / turn on generators and power shields, turn off radios and arrange sabotage to attract or divert attention. In other words, as you progress, you will willy-nilly gradually develop all three branches of skills.

The game looks atmospheric and cute.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being?

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 introduces elements of parkour: Jonathan North can dash up ledges and balconies, and can climb onto a rooftop or an old tall tower, just like some Assassin’s Creed hero.

Another innovation is the ability to launch a drone. No, he does not shoot the enemy from above, but marks the positions of the enemy and key targets. You don’t even need binoculars with it. In addition, a special scout mode has appeared, highlighting nearby enemies, interesting places (the same caches with resources and electrical panels), and even ledges available for climbing.

All this, of course, is good, but for true snipers it is too “casual”. True, in the “beta” they were allowed to play only at a normal difficulty level, and at higher ones, I hope, all these markers and marks on enemies can be turned off.

The same hopes remain about the most important thing – the mechanics of sniper shooting. In each part, the Poles promise the most realistic ballistics – the influence of wind, weather, distance, and so on. Yes, indeed, distance corrections can be made, there is also a wind scale, but all this does not have any special effect and looks more like a point for a press release than a real need. In general, everything is like in any game where you can shoot from a “sniper” – hold your breath and pull the trigger. Under certain conditions, the maximum should not be aimed directly at the head, but a little higher, so that the bullet accurately “drops” on the target.

And one more relief. Our progress in the mission is saved at checkpoints. And now, if you download them, then the enemies who were alarmed by your actions and actively searched the area again return to a calm state. This is obviously easy to use. And it is unlikely that with an increase in the level of complexity something will change here.

Either option leads to killing the enemy, which is somewhat strange.


Despite all this, some technical flaws and the fact that Russian soldiers shout out idiotic lines with idiotic voices either in great and mighty, or in English, in general, the beta version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 leaves a positive impression. CI Games acts in its usual style – copies other people’s ideas. In Lords of the Fallen, the Dark Souls series was a role model, here the Poles interfere with the concept of their sniper action with Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and Metal Gear Solid V. And, you know, it looks really interesting, and it is implemented, with some reservations, worthy. Yes, the hardcore sniper simulator from the game will most likely not work. But it can turn out to be an exciting and cute shooter, in which, in addition to a lot of opportunities for training your “camping” skills, there will be an open world, “crafting”, collecting resources, exploring the territory and freedom of choice.

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