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Solitaire is a mobile implementation of the most popular solitaire game of our time. The famous Klondike is now in your phone.

Solitaire Codes (2022 December) 2.228.0
List of Codes Expiration date
HWE3GAROPUJ September 5, 2022
9EIF1654ZG August 18, 2022
ZQJFIXYCM September 18, 2022
ULVRI9X1WC5 August 31, 2022
GMIHD0KC2V5A August 19, 2022
T084KBGF3CA August 2, 2022

You will find a pleasant interface with several card styles, an unlimited number of free hints and the ability to cancel moves even before the very beginning of the game. The cards are provided with clear symbols of suits and values, it is convenient to play them even on very small screens.

The game supports both vertical and horizontal screen orientation, besides, in the settings you can choose to control the left hand. You can also choose how many cards will be opened in one click on the deck: one or three. The application has a function of auto-completion of the alignment and the ability to play both for points and for time with the results recorded in the high score table.

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