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Solitaire Ocean is a popular mobile game that offers a fun and relaxing way to play the classic solitaire card game. With stunning ocean-themed graphics and various gameplay modes, it guarantees hours of addictive entertainment for solitaire enthusiasts.

Solitaire Ocean  MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) 5.12.2


Solitaire Ocean is a popular online game that brings the classic solitaire card game to a whole new level. With its immersive oceanic theme and challenging gameplay, Solitaire Ocean is a favorite among card game enthusiasts of all ages.


In Solitaire Ocean, the objective is to clear the playing board by moving all the cards to the foundation piles in ascending order. You can only move cards that are one rank higher or lower than the top card of the foundation pile. The game starts with a deck of cards laid out in a pyramid shape, with some cards face up and others face down.

To make a move, simply click on a card and then click on the desired destination. You can also move cards to the foundation piles if they meet the required criteria. Keep in mind that only Kings can be moved to an empty tableau slot.

One of the unique features of Solitaire Ocean is the ability to undo moves. If you make a mistake or want to explore a different strategy, you can easily go back and try a different move. However, be cautious as undoing moves will increase your overall playing time.


To add an element of surprise and excitement, Solitaire Ocean features various power-ups that can help you overcome challenging situations. Power-ups are earned by completing levels or by purchasing them with in-game currency. Here are a few examples of power-ups you may encounter in the game:


The Shuffle power-up allows you to reshuffle the cards on the playing board, giving you a chance to uncover hidden cards and create new opportunities for moves.

Wild Card

The Wild Card power-up can be used to substitute any card on the playing board, regardless of its rank or suit. This flexibility can help you clear obstacles and create chains of moves that will ultimately lead to victory.

Time Booster

The Time Booster power-up adds extra time to your playing clock, which is especially useful when you’re running out of time to complete a level. This power-up can give you the extra seconds you need to strategize and make crucial moves.

Challenges and Rewards

Solitaire Ocean offers a progressive difficulty curve, starting with relatively simple levels and gradually increasing the complexity as you advance. Each level has its own unique layout and obstacles, making every game a fresh experience.

Successfully completing levels rewards you with in-game currency, which can be used to purchase power-ups or unlock new themes and card designs. The game also features a star rating system, encouraging players to replay levels and aim for a perfect score. Achieving a high star rating requires strategic thinking and efficient use of power-ups.

Themes and Customization

Solitaire Ocean allows players to personalize their gaming experience by choosing from a variety of themes and card designs. Whether you prefer a serene underwater setting or a vibrant tropical beach, there’s a theme for every taste.

In addition to themes, you can also customize the card backs and fronts, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing playing environment. With the ability to mix and match themes and card designs, you can truly make Solitaire Ocean your own.

Competitive Features

If you’re in the mood for some friendly competition, Solitaire Ocean offers various competitive features that allow you to challenge your friends or compare your scores with players from around the world.

The game features a leaderboard where you can see the scores of top players and strive to claim the top spot. Additionally, you have the option to connect with your Facebook friends and compete with them directly. Show off your skills and prove that you’re the best Solitaire Ocean player among your social circle!


Solitaire Ocean combines the timeless appeal of solitaire with immersive oceanic graphics, challenging gameplay, and exciting power-ups. Whether you’re a casual player looking for a relaxing pastime or a seasoned solitaire enthusiast seeking a new twist on the classic game, Solitaire Ocean offers hours of entertainment and satisfaction.

Embark on a journey through the depths of the ocean, overcome unique challenges, and showcase your solitaire skills to the world. Dive into Solitaire Ocean today and experience the thrill of card gaming like never before!

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