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Just imagine: a hacker and a gay private detective at the same time, besides, an immigrant sitting under house arrest investigates complicated cases without leaving her computer. And outside the windows of her apartment – cyberpunk, the heyday of technology and the general atmosphere of the Black Mirror series. And all this is from the Russian studio Wooden Monkeys, which previously released the Save Koch strategy. What came out of this, to put it mildly, colorful vinaigrette?

Game without complexes

Our heroine’s name is Isabella, or Easy for her. She looks like a typical modern girl, let’s say, broad-minded, but in Fark, a city of the future, full of corporations and gangs, Easy does not support feminism, but solves complicated cases on order. Either a familiar journalist will ask to find out why the once famous actor returned to the city, then the chief engineer of a large company will ask for help – you need to find and return the kidnapped robot dog (the engineer created it), which his daughter misses. Then we need to find out who, why and how is blackmailing a girl, a famous stand-up girl, who in the process develops romantic feelings for Easy.

Yes, Song of Farca is a game without complexes, very modern and relevant from this point of view. Even the AI ​​assistant named Maurice, whom Isabella herself created, is both he and she. There is no clear gender identification for the kidnapped e-terrier (the same robops), who seems to be a bitch, but at the same time Sir Gavkalot. You can, of course, spit, but the advantage of such emancipation was the abundance of vivid characters and situations. There are nymphomaniacs, killers who help orphans, and webcam models who once transported drugs for the Serbian mafia.

Song of Farca: Обзор

Our heroine was arrested because of a fight in a club.

Yes, Song of Farca is a grown-up and preoccupied game in places, but bright. More than a dozen cases that our heroine is investigating turned out to be fascinating and intriguing. The dialogues and, in principle, the texts are well written, and even often accompanied by a selective mother tongue, which in such a setting looks more than appropriate. And I also liked the sense of humor, which is most evident in the dialogues with Maurice.

Easy not only investigates, but also solves his problems, helps his loved ones and friends, even starts working for bandits, saving them from the police. And closer to the final, all this is united by a common plot convoy. Not everything looks logical, the authors do not discover America, but raise topics typical of cyberpunk. But in the way they present it, how it combines robops, articles about art, the Serbian mafia, killers, orphans and webcam models in love, how many references not to a distant digital future, but to modern life – this, of course, has its own charm.

Song of Farca: Обзор

There is a sweet and dangerous life in Farka.

work at home

The gameplay is unique in its own way. Most of the time we watch two screens – from above we see how Easy walks around the apartment, and when she sits down at her computer, the cursor on the screen below is activated. There we receive and make calls, communicate with Maurice when we need to analyze data, collect dossiers on each character. There is also a board with evidence – Izi puts the clues found on it and makes connections between them.

Song of Farca: Обзор

There was a confusing inheritance case.

We extract evidence mainly with the help of hacker tools. When another place of interest to us appears on the city map, we connect to surveillance cameras and, turning them in different directions, look for tablets, locked cages with robotic dogs, computers with incriminating correspondence, bugs, and so on.

We often control drones that can be seen by guards. Then they need to be distracted – for example, by turning on / off some system. Or you need to hack and open the door in time so that the drone has time to fly into the room with compromising evidence. Naturally, every now and then you need to pick up a password for a door or computer, focusing on hints.

Song of Farca: Обзор

In each such location you need to collect a certain amount of evidence.

In addition, from time to time we find videos that show the faces of suspects or license plates of cars. First, we compare the hazy images with real ones and try to determine who or what is in the video. Then we break through the data on databases and archives, including with the help of Maurice, find new leads and locations, update profiles.

After that, communicating with suspects, customers and other characters, we can use the evidence found. For example, a hacker says that she has nothing to do with the theft, and we show her the stolen cartridges found in her apartment. If this is not enough, we turn on deduction, combine the available information, conclude that the hacker is afraid of her boss, and proceed from this.

The most interesting thing is that our findings can affect the investigation and even lead to death. And if they had acted differently, they would have remained alive or someone else would have died.

Song of Farca: Обзор

They don’t go into their pockets for words. Fuck her, in general …

home routine

The main problem with Song of Farca is the repetition of the same actions. We spend the lion’s share of the time activating and moving surveillance cameras, and then calling back the same characters, trying to get the necessary information from them – and for this, as a rule, you just need to go through the available evidence and conclusions. And there will be no punishment for choosing the wrong options.

Also, the authors sometimes overdid it with password hints – sometimes they are very ornate and far-fetched. This is normal for classic quests, but here we have a more modern adventure.

Song of Farca: Обзор

This is an interesting mini-game.

One can complain about Song of Farca, but the fascination of its story (more precisely, stories) outweighs everything – it is a really colorful, well-written and unusual game in its own way, which is manifested both in the storyline and in the gameplay.

Pros: interesting setting; exciting cases to investigate; bright characters; the ability to influence the fate of people; well-written texts; addictive gameplay; cute picture.

Cons: there are many repetitions in the gameplay; some riddles are frankly far-fetched.

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