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At first glance, Sonic.exe looks like a classic platformer, where the player must go through levels sequentially, defeat enemies and collect golden rings. However, arcade fans have made several key changes to the setting and gameplay that affect the perception of the game. Gradually moving along the map, the player begins to realize that the world of Sonic has ceased to be rosy and has turned into a gloomy and frightening horror.

Overview of characters and gameplay

The first level of the Sonic Exe platformer begins with character selection. The catalog of heroes is represented by three actors: Tails the fox, Knuckles the echidna and Doctor Eggman. Access to the characters opens gradually – at the first level, the player can only choose Tails. The choice of Sonic as the main character is not possible, since the blue hedgehog in this adaptation of the arcade is the main villain.

The gameplay of Sonic.exe remains unchanged: using the control buttons, the player moves the character around the map, jumping over obstacles. All heroes can jump, with the exception of Dr. Eggman, who can only run. At the same time, Knuckles is able to fight in close combat, for which a separate button is provided. Using the available skills, the characters must escape from the evil Sonic chasing them.


Under the influence of the original fan idea, not only the catalog of characters is transformed, but also the setting of the game. Almost all locations are painted in dark colors, among which blood red is most common. As the player progresses through the map, the player will also encounter squirrels killed by an angry hedgehog, withered flowers, and bonfires of flame. In addition, instead of the classic images of animals, the application uses all kinds of sprites of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Doctor Eggman.

Periodically, a screensaver with white noise appears on the screen, which indicates a change in scene. Usually the cutscene follows after the character meets the evil Sonic. The user and the hero they control are sent to a darker location, where the blue hedgehog begins his hunt. If the character dies at the hands of Sonic, then a splash screen with a question appears on the screen, after which the player gets access to a new level and character.

Fan ports on Android

A creep adaptation of the original platformer Sonic Exe was originally published for computers, but today there are several fan-ports of the game on the phone. The fan port from ZanniLockWan almost completely copies the desktop version, adding a number of new characters to it. A fan port from Stas’s ports invites the user to play a dark arcade game from the perspective of Sonic. The same developer has a mobile version of Sonic.exe translated into Russian. In addition, the creep platformer spawned other games in the series, such as Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning.

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