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The game is based on the classic arcade game about the blue hedgehog Sonic, who must fight enemies and complete missions. However, the developers of the application have significantly transformed the Sonic universe, turning it into a gloomy world led by the archdemon Exetior. Consistently moving through the updated locations, the player will encounter a variety of obstacles and traps. If the hero can overcome them, then he will save all the characters and destroy the villain.


Unlike the canonical platformers, Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning has a compelling storyline. The development of the storyline directly depends on the actions of the player. By choosing one or another course of action, the user brings the characters closer to one of the eight existing endings. The developers have added good, neutral and bad endings to the game, which determine the fate of the characters. Tails, Knuckles and Eggman can, respectively, save Sonic, avoid reprisals from Exetior, or, conversely, die together.

Features of the game world

The changes affected not only the plot component, but also the setting of the classic arcade. One of the main differences from the original platformer is the game cards – now they are made in a horror style. At the same time, there are no bots within the location that were encountered in the canonical game and could harm the health of the character. Without being distracted by the fight against squirrels and other NPCs, the user, however, must constantly monitor so as not to fall into the hands of Exetior’s robot. To facilitate the passage of the entire setting was translated into Russian.

Heroes and villains

The set of characters in the arcade Sonic.exe: NB is borrowed from an earlier version of the game – Sonic.exe, which became the prototype for similar scary platformers. The player can choose one of three main characters: Tails the fox, Knuckles the echidna and Doctor Eggman. They are confronted by Exetior, a vicious robotic version of Sonic. In addition, the player who unlocked the good ending will also be able to control regular Sonic.

To get to the villain and defeat him, the user needs to go through several levels of varying difficulty. However, Exetior actively prevents this: he is able to fog the characters, throw objects, chase the heroes and resist their attacks. As soon as the character dies, the passage begins again. At the same time, the experience gained by the player from constantly repeating the scenario will allow them to build a suitable strategy and get to the best ending.

Android version

Initially, the Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning application was released for installation on Windows devices, but the high popularity of the game predetermined the appearance of a port on phones. The mobile version of the platformer almost completely copies the desktop version, with the exception of the control system. To move the characters around the location, the player can use the touch buttons located at the bottom of the screen. The button drawing style changes depending on the game location.

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