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The mustachioed tyrant has taken over the planet and oppresses everyone who does not belong to his beloved race. Only a handful of rebels are trying to resist the terrible racist regime based on high technology and turning living beings into robots. And it seems that without a seriously injured leader, the Resistance is doomed… No, it’s not about Wolfenstein II, not about Hitler, not about William Blaskowitz, and not about Dobermans with machine guns. These are Sonic Forces, Dr. Eggman and the blue hedgehog. Doberman with a machine gun, however, will be. If you make it yourself.Sonic Forces game review

I’ll immediately introduce the new main villain: Infinite – well, a very evil animal, obsessed with the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdestroying the world.

Hare, wolf, hare, wolf, hare, wolf…

The parallels with Wolfenstein end quickly. The plot here is served without irony and is very serious. Resistance in the face of multi-colored animals gathers in a shabby basement and makes plans for retaliatory attacks on enemy targets. Hundreds of identical puppies with weapons in their hands participate in mass scenes. All the characters utter very pathetic monologues or act out skits, for which first-year students of a theater university should be ashamed. Somewhere in the center of this whole story is our possible Doberman.

Or rather, our cat. Or a hare. Although no, the wolf – we want it to be like in Wolfenstein! You can make your avatar one of about seven types of animals – and each of them will have its own bonus. The cat, the king of the Internet, after being wounded retains a precious life-giving ring, and the bird can not fly, but do a double jump. Our silent hero will participate in all the scenes, and you can also dress him (or her) as you like. The idea with an avatar is a very good one, because the Sonic universe has grown quite indecently, and new characters need to be given. So let everyone choose a hero to their liking!

And a machine gun too. More precisely, not a machine gun, but a “wispon” – a blaster loaded with magical creatures, wisp, which fans remember from Sonic Colors. Not endowed with special talents, our comrade can choose from dozens of “guns” – from an ordinary flamethrower to a miniature black hole. In addition, “wispons” give a special move, such as attraction to rings hanging in the air. Again, the idea is very good. The only trouble is that the stages of the avatar, as a rule, are designed for a specific wispon – but you can find out only by stepping on the level. Once I even had to leave the war zone to change weapons.

Sonic Forces game review

For dressing up and collecting costumes give trophies.

fast and boring

Now about how Sonic Team ruined two good ideas at once with one decision – to make short and completely devoid of “challenge” levels. Even at a high difficulty level, you will have a minimum of problems in getting a good rating. And almost any of the stages is carried out in two or three minutes – as a result, a three-hour campaign is formed from three dozen runs. Half of which you will watch screensavers for kindergartners. And it seems to be unclear why this happened. Either it was oversimplified in an attempt to make the game suitable for kids, or all the good “platform” ideas were left in the 90s… But the fact is that Sonic Forces is so boring that I repeatedly forced myself to press X to continue.

Although we must pay tribute – the development team managed to combine three-dimensional and two-dimensional stages and transitions between planes. And while 3D runs mostly consist of guided attacks and springs and boosters placed all over the place, individual zones bring that incredible sense of speed and excitement. A couple of “bosses” with unbanal tactics also do this. There are also good levels for the classic Sonic, but they mostly take nostalgia, and in general it is the missions with a side view that are the weakest. That is, about a third of the content really turned out.

In the recent Super Mario Odyssey, optional tasks are not inferior to the main ones and please dozens of hours after completion. It’s also full of side activities. Only they are either monotonous, like missions in which you just need to run through the already completed segment again, or are clearly made “to be”. As well as special and secret stages: both are very short (for a maximum of a minute), purely two-dimensional, and even in them ideas are repeated – for example, we will be offered more than once to jump on exploding platforms.

Sonic Forces game review

At the stages for the avatar, you can “rent” the animal made by other players – but there is not much point in this.

Over the abyss – hedgehogs

The physics completes this despondency, well, it is completely incompatible with high-speed gameplay. None of the characters are pliable, and the slow-moving avatar in his 2D runs seems to be weightless or immersed in invisible jelly. In addition, the heroes have absolutely no inertia, which is why some jumps turn out to be completely different from what you want. In general, this is the worst physical model that I have seen in the series – even in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 it was nicer.

All these problems are all the more surprising when you know that the same people worked on the project as on Sonic Generations, and they used exactly the same engine. Sonic Forces came out so empty and unoriginal that there is nothing to even ridicule or gracefully scold. Ideas from 2011 will not delight anyone, positioning for everyone and everyone will clearly scare away the audience of 30-year-olds and is unlikely to distract children from any “Paw Patrol”, especially since the theme of friendship is played here and there at the same level .

There is also fan service – obviously for those who fell in love with Sonic in the 2000s. They will be shown all-all-all heroes, even if they do not fit into the logic of the development of events, Episode Shadow comes out for them on the first day – because Shadow is cool and in general. They also get a million items for every sneeze, every task they complete. Such a stream of whistles will make any adequate fan exclaim: “Let’s run normally!”

Sonic Forces game review

There are also missions for two heroes at once. But they didn’t get twice as good.

It’s good that it’s difficult to find fault with the technical side. Everything works stably, nowhere are there such bugs as in Sonic Boom, the frame rate does not drop even in the most dynamic scenes. But why fall if the graphics are not very annoying even for the old PlayStation 4 model? Yes, and in order to enjoy just a stably working craft, you need to reach some kind of despair. True, Sonic fans with experience have already become accustomed to such despair.


I sincerely feel sorry for those who buy this game at full price. I sincerely feel sorry for the fans of the series, who are offered real trash every year. And it’s all the more a shame that an amazing Sonic Mania collected by fans came out not so long ago. Judging by the end credits, a misunderstanding called Sonic Forces was made by half of Japan. But all these people have got second-rate entertainment, barely reaching the lower limit of what can be called a passerby. Avatar didn’t help. Time to change the planet?

Pros: good idea with the avatar; successful connection of two-dimensional and three-dimensional levels; individual stages turned out to be really driving; fanservice from every crack.

Cons: short campaign with microscopic levels; monotonous additional content; terrible physics, the worst in the series; stupid plot “on serious cabbage soup”; no real difficulty; fanservice from every crack.

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