News - Updated on March 30, 2022

Sony announced a new development, created together with Polyphony Digital– Gran Turismo AI sophy. The program was taught to drive in Gran Turismo Sportand now she bypasses even the most titled players GT.

The creation of Gran Turismo Sophy began in April 2020. AI was trained using a new deep learning platform using a cloud gaming system Sony. According to the company, GT Sophy is different from other AIs such as AlphaStar, OpenAI and programs tailored for chess, go and shogi. These AIs focus only on tactics and strategy, while GT Sophy, in addition to the above, deals with physics simulation.

Artificial intelligence from Sony And Polyphony Digital owns the following skills:

  • Race car control – the program understands the dynamics of the car and calculates the optimal trajectory to perform the best maneuvers on difficult tracks.

  • Racing tactics – GT Sophy reacts with lightning speed to the ever-changing situation on the track. So, the machine mind is able to attach itself behind an opponent in order to find itself in a swirling zone with lower air resistance, or to block the path of overtaking the enemy.

  • Racing Etiquette – The AI ​​has been taught the manners of an auto racing driver. For example, do not provoke collisions intentionally.

GT Sophy is the first artificial intelligence capable of taking down professional e-racers. Developers conducted two tests with the best drivers Grand Touring in July and October 2021. In the first series of races, the humans scored 86 points, while the GT Sophy scored 70. However, the second time the AI ​​scored an impressive 104 points, the human team only managed to score 52 points.

Development Sony And Polyphony Digital can help design self-driving cars, says Chris Gerdes, a professor at Stanford University who specializes in autonomous driving. “The car is so adept at beating human drivers in a one-on-one competition. This is a landmark achievement for AI,” Gerdes enthuses. Itself Sony stated that it does not yet intend to introduce the GT Sophy into its automotive projects.

You should not wait for the GT Sophy yet and in the upcoming Grand Touring 7. However, developers will be looking for ways to integrate the new AI into future projects in the series. GT. The seventh installment of the racing franchise is set to release on March 4th.

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