APK - Updated on February 8, 2023

The logic games market is literally oversaturated with games, however, high-quality and interesting games will always find their players. In the case of Space Bubble Shooter, this is exactly the story. The mechanics of the game are deceptively simple and surprisingly fun. The main task is to shoot balls in order to create groups of balls of the same color, thus destroying them and moving towards victory.

Space Bubble Shooter  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.60

A large number of levels and excellent physics make the game an ideal time killer. And the right music just obliges you to play with headphones to immerse yourself in the world of Space Bubble Shooter, and makes it one of the most interesting bubble shooter games for Android smartphone.

The developers used a high-quality physics engine to make the puzzles even more complex and exciting. One of the innovations is magnetic balls, which distort the force of gravity and make the movement of them and ordinary balls almost unpredictable.

Another drawback of most logic games is a small amount of content, levels, or a quick end to the passage. In the case of Space Bubble Shooter, you don’t have to worry that the game will end quickly, because it has 10 different, themed episodes, and includes more than 300 levels. And if you like to test your abilities, then the game has a special Difficult mode, the passage of which will be a real test even for professional players. The number of levels in Hard mode exceeds 75.

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