Codes New - Updated on August 4, 2022

Your attention is presented to a unique 3D-shooter, which has almost no analogues. The popularity of the game Space Jet – Online space games is growing every day among players around the world. It’s just unrealistic, but space has never been so close before! Are you ready to go on an unforgettable adventure? Then feel free to install the game, because the adventure begins right now!

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
8DRZTMO0SPH August 13, 2022
YJKE3XSPUR August 27, 2022
07TW45ZJL August 9, 2022
FSO4G1CN8VL August 5, 2022
X7LEKTWYPOA6 August 15, 2022
XCHDY4IZSTP September 18, 2022

A general online war awaits you, which will not be complete without your participation. You have to fight alone against all enemies. It won’t be easy, and if you want to simplify your battle a bit, then you can create your own team and gather all your friends.

Every day you will be given a list of simple tasks that you will need to complete. For all completed tasks, as well as for successful battles, you can get currency. Earned money can be spent on the purchase of new weapons and combat vehicles. The total number of combat vehicles in the store is more than 20 units. Level up your achievements faster and you’ll be able to get to know each of them better!

Players from all over the world are waiting for you in real time, which makes the game even more exciting! In order for the game to be able to show you all its advantages, you need to use an Internet connection!

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