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Spacero are a sci-fi-style shooter. Players will have to go to different planets and go through many levels. Enemies abound everywhere. You can’t do without weapons here. And here it is the most diverse. There will be shotguns, machine guns, and even laser guns. Automatic fire will help destroy enemy troops.

Spacero (Mod Unlimited Money) 1.8.0


Choose your weapon and go to meet the danger! Evolve your character’s skills so he gains new abilities and access to new weapons. This is the guarantee of victory. Legendary items will be able to strengthen the hero. You have to work hard to get them.

You will be able to raid in search of loot. But remember that the enemy will fight back fiercely. To avoid damage, you’ll need to dodge bounces or hide. Each position has its characteristics that you must take into account to achieve victory.

Spacero Mod

The planets in Spacero are inhabited by a variety of creatures. They attack in their way. Keep this in mind when choosing tactics for each enemy. Visual effects will allow you to gauge the scale of the battles. Do not neglect the chests, because you can find something useful in them.

A mod that earns a lot of money will allow you to better prepare for battles, especially for bosses. Earth is threatened by an alien invasion. Only with your help can stop the invaders. Power up your character with additional equipment.

Hack Spacero

For example, fighting with drones. This will increase firepower and wipe out all enemy resistance. Some boosters will temporarily increase one or another ability of the fighter. Try not to stay in one place for a long time, so as not to become easy prey for the enemy.

Download ( V1.8.0 )
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