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February 17, 2021


The name Speed ​​Limit is deceptive – no one limits the speed here. Rather, on the contrary, stopping and slowing down is not recommended at all. This is a dynamic action game with the very “hurricane gameplay” that the domestic press once wrote about.

Only forward

It all starts in the train car. A guy in a white T-shirt is standing near the door, obviously intending to get off at the next stop, when suddenly an untidy man comes up to him with difficulty from a neighboring car. He falls and passes the gun to the guy, the police begin to fill the train from all sides. It remains only to run without looking back, shooting back and not understanding what is happening.

Speed ​​Limit wastes no time with explanations – no introductory screens that describe the plot in two lines, no cutscenes between levels, no dialogue. Just a set of 11 episodes lasting about an hour and a half in total, where you are always on the move. And if at first it all seems like a simple platformer with shooting and jumping, then more and more surprises await the player.

Speed ​​Limit game review

The hero can always shoot, regardless of the vehicle.

It turns out that Speed ​​Limit is a hodgepodge of different genres that were once popular on arcade machines. Here and trips with a view from above, and pseudo-three-dimensional flights on fighter jets, and chases on a motorcycle, vaguely reminiscent of Super Hang-On. Since there are no pauses between levels, after the next episode you are immediately thrown into the next one, where the camera is located differently, and the gameplay mechanics are slightly different (but the control remains the same “two-button”), and the tasks are different.

It’s hard to survive

The difficulty is high, so you have to die often. At some point, you almost need to memorize the order of actions – where to turn, who to shoot first, when to speed up or slow down. Savepoints are quite generous, but there are episodes that you replay over and over again due to an imperfect balance of difficulty and make mistakes at the very end. This is especially true for the final boss, where the requirements for the player were a little too smart.Speed ​​Limit game review

On the keyboard, some episodes may be more difficult than on the gamepad.

At the same time, there is no desire to quit the game – this is the case when, after another death, you immediately want to make another attempt. Fortunately, the revival here is fast, and the great variety in the gameplay keeps you close to the screen. If you don’t spoil your impression by watching trailers and let’s play, Speed ​​Limit will give you very bright emotions – you never know what awaits you next and how the game will smoothly move from one perspective to another.

It’s a pity this action movie is short – after the ending you want more. On the one hand, this is a compliment – the game is so captivating that it is difficult to part with it. But at the same time, it’s a shame that nothing completely new appears after the credits. An endless mode is unlocked with the same missions (only easy and normal difficulty levels are available at first), and you can get achievements, one of which requires you to complete the game in 30 minutes. When familiar with all levels, it is not so difficult.

After death, the rewind effect immediately appears and the player is thrown back to the nearest save point.

In general, Speed ​​Limit is the perfect game for speedrunners. Detailed statistics are tracked here: the menu says how much time you spent on each stage and what is your best result, and in the corner you can turn on a stopwatch indicating the total time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game shows up at the next Games Done Quick event. Although I usually don’t have much interest in breaking my own records, I’ve replayed Speed ​​Limit a couple more times – simply because the gameplay is great and it doesn’t take much time.


Playing Speed ​​Limit is like watching a short but intense action movie. It shows exactly what you turned it on for – chases, explosions and gunfights to the groovy music – without pauses and empty dialogues. The game would be longer and the bonus modes a little more interesting – it would be ideal. But they don’t ask for much money for it either: only $10 is a worthy price for a fun action game that can also cause nostalgia.

Pros: varied gameplay without pauses and interruptions; unusual visual style with perspective changes; decent soundtrack.

Cons: imperfect balance of complexity; short duration.

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