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Collectible card strategies today are often mixed with role-playing games and turn-based tactics. A prime example is the Voice of Cards series by Yoko Taro, creator of NieR: Automata. The authors of Spelldrifter also did a good job, writing quite an interesting plot and presenting turn-based battles not schematically, through card duels, but as in full-fledged tactical RPGs.

Many heroes – one goal!

Yes, Spelldrifter is a story-driven game with no online duels. Here, a party of motley heroes explores the city of Starfall, which arose at the site of a meteorite fall – after this catastrophe, the world has changed forever and it has become possible to use magic.

Among the heroes there is a mighty warrior who was once a famous robber. Then a misfortune happened to him, he almost resurrected, and now chose a different path, began to fight the bandits himself, and finally ran into an old acquaintance and offender who had once left him to die in a prison cell. In Starfall, the warrior immediately met with a young mercenary who wants to leave the ranks of one of the gangs – he helped her to do this.

Spelldrifter: Overview

The story is accompanied by good art.

Then a sorceress joins them, whose brother turned into a fire golem and fled, lost on the streets of the city. Magicka wants to find him and help him, but in the end she is forced to fight him. There is also a thief who carried out an order and tried to rob someone – unlike the others, this cheerful rogue only thinks about profit and new orders.

In general, each character here has its own motives and its own story. Gradually, new allies join the squad, including those who have heard about the deeds of our heroes – among them, for example, a sorcerer, a fugitive engineer and a demon-like Surkhet, who calls himself the Messenger of Death. They are all looking for a certain Labyrinth in Starfall, spurred on by the words of a strange creature that periodically appears that a special destiny awaits them. In the process, you have to fight against the corrupt city guards and the guild of engineers, which conducts strange experiments.

Spelldrifter: Overview

The game is perfectly translated into Russian.

Classes are the same, but not quite

The campaign is divided into chapters in which we explore urban areas and move around the map, finding artifacts and gold, but more often fighting. At the same time, the fights, I repeat, look like in full-fledged tactical RPGs – the characters do not just take out action cards from their wide trousers, but move a certain number of cells, determine the direction of attack or the area of ​​​​damage. The only thing missing is the ability to use shelters and hills.

It is almost always necessary to determine the direction of action.

Three heroes can participate in fights on our side, although their choice is much wider. Therefore, it is important to choose the right party, focusing on the class and unique features of each character. It is clear that each class has its own deck of cards. A warrior relies on melee strikes and knows how to provoke enemies, diverting them to himself. The fire mage throws fireballs, the priestess heals and supports allies by increasing their attack or armor, and the thief deftly dodges and inflicts bleeding on opponents using sharpened daggers that ignore defense.

But there are at least two characters of the same class, and they differ both in the presence of several unique cards in the deck, and in the personal feature that each fighter has. For example, the thief Rohin Garret is the only one capable of picking up health orbs and other items dropped by enemies to restore movement points and draw a card from the draw pile. And rogue Kylie does this when she boosts her ranged attack. If one warrior gains a bonus to armor and the Tenacity ability when using a taunt, then the other, equipping himself with a weapon, accumulates Fury.

Spelldrifter: Overview

My battle party looks like this.

Each class has its own resource, like “Rage” for warriors or “Concentration” for wizards, which is accumulated when using cards, features and abilities, and is spent on enhancing certain actions or adding new properties to them. For example, a magician can throw a mercury arrow at an enemy that deals three damage, and if he has 10 points of Concentration, this action will be played as an instant spell and immediately restore movement. This is an interesting mechanic, the competent use of which helps to survive in difficult situations.

Spelldrifter: Overview

After the victory, we get gold and a new card to choose from.

In order

And the battles in Spelldrifter are really difficult. There are always more enemies, every second one is a big or small boss that summons minions. Starting from the second chapter, when we get to the Smithstone area, the behavior of the AI ​​​​often becomes almost cheating – the bosses will spawn crowds of minions, manage to do several actions while we wait for our turn, and watchtowers and traps work to support them.

All fighters in the arena can fall under such traps.

You have to replay some missions several times and think about changing the composition of the party. But here lies an important snag – your current fighters will be well pumped by this time, and there will be more cool cards in their deck. New ones will have to start over. And the main thing in pumping is an increase in the maximum number of artifacts that can be put on a character. Artifacts provide passive bonuses and are extremely useful – for example, they increase health, reduce the cost of using cards, allow you to use them instantly, without preparation, and so on. The more powerful such an item, the more space it takes up in the corresponding equipment slot.

Spelldrifter: Overview

Artifacts are sold in the shop, and the prices bite there.

By this time, we will have already received / bought many artifacts and have saved up enough money to purchase new ones in the shop. But the fewer levels a character has gained, the fewer such cards can be used. The only way out is to return and replay the previous missions with new fighters. Well, at least they give experience even for defeat (but much less).

Spelldrifter: Overview

The further you go, the hotter it gets.

Although it is better to follow the timeline, which shows the sequence of moves of all participants in the massacre. Each card has a different use cost, and the higher the cost, the more powerful the action, but the further it pushes the character to the back of that queue. And here you have to decide what is more important right now – to use a powerful ability and then wait a long time for the next move (and the hero, for example, has little health left, and he may simply not survive) or use a cheaper action to accumulate armor and save the character. In addition, there are cards that, when empowered, can slow and knock back enemies over the timeline.

Spelldrifter: Overview

The battles look spectacular.

Spelldrifter is both an interesting card game and a tricky tactic that feels like a full-fledged turn-based RPG rather than a table with cards laid out on it. Therefore, lovers of all of the above should definitely try Spelldrifter.

Pros: fascinating story; diverse characters with their own stories and unique features; well-developed card mechanics with several interesting features; difficult tactical battles; the game looks nice.

Cons: the difficulty sometimes seems too high, and the enemies behave like cheaters; in order to change the composition of the party and pump new characters, you have to grind and replay old missions – it would be possible to implement the simultaneous pumping of all fighters of the same class.

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