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Selina is straight away teleported to revive the Magic Mansion. Her new journey is fraught with dangers, mysteries, and handsome wizards. Collectively along with her trusted pet companion Fluffy to info her, can Selina turn into the Grasp of the Good Magic Occasion?

Be taught Solid New Spells to revive the gardens and uncover hidden secrets, techniques, and methods. Design your Magic Mansion with the flick of your wand. The more you find, the addition spells you are taught to fight for the Good Magic Occasion!

Spin A Spell Mod APK 0.33.100 (Unlimited Money)

I used to love love love this game, i had thousands and thousands of spins up til today, i had my spins set at 200 and all of a sudden my spins are draines and i look and it was set at 500 ea spin i immediately change it back but literally 5 minutes later the same thing, it went from 200 to 500 ea spin without me changing it. That is BS. I literally went from 30,000+ to 13,000. I am totally disappointed. I don't like the fact that I have to uninstall games just to install this one. I still have spins and it's saying that I'm out. Now I see why I've stopped playing this game it's still telling me that I'm out of coins and spins. " BRING IT ON PEOPLE SHO-NUFF, 5 TRIPLE STAR'S PLUS 4SHO " !!!. I love, love, love this game. Only wish I could score high without purchasing anything.. This is a fun game but takes a lot to upgrade!!. Just wish when someone attacks your home it 1. Doesn't cost so much and 2. You only need to watch one ad to repair the destroyed decor..

Played for a while but the game hasn't worked in some time and I can't get anyone from support to help. Obviously I have no choice but to uninstall the game which is sad because it had the potential to be one of the great one.. A,GREAT,AND,FUN,TIME,AT,PLAYING,THIS,GREAT,GAME,AND,HELP'S,PASS,THE,TIME,TO,SO,COME,AND,JOIN,US,NOW,AND,HAVE,A,GREAT,FUN,TIME,WITH,ALL,OF,US,PLAYING,THIS,GREAT,GAME,AND,HAVING,A,GREAT,FUN,TIME,MAKING,SOME,NEW,FRIENDS,AT,THE,SAME,TIME,PLAYING,THIS,GREAT,GAME,COME,AND,JOIN,US,NOW,AND,HAVE,A,LOT,OF,FUN,TO,BE,MY,NEW,FRIEND,OR,MY,NEW,FRIEND'S,AND,HAVE,A,GREAT,WONDERFUL,TIME,PLAYING,THIS,GREAT,GAME,WITH,ALL,OF,US,FRIENDS,AND,ALWAYS,HAVE,A,GREAT,TIME,PLAYING,WITH,ALL,OF,US,FRIENDS ,AND ,ALWAYS,BE,GOOD,. Someone it seems is getting greedy!! Ever since this last patch, they made it to where you drop green backs to get more spins. Yes, my choice, however it wasn't like this anytime before. It's no longer rng. I am uninstalling this horrible game. I want my money back I just spent in the last hour (to prove my point). Your choices are absolutely shameful. This has been happening the last month. I wish I could give this game a negative score.. The game went well until now. Its freezing and crashing. What a disappointing game. Love the game. I just wish when I turned off the notifications that it would work. I keep getting non-stop notification after turning them off..

Can't play game. Most of the time the game won't load. If you can get it to load then it freezes before the initial start up ads pop up. I did everything including uninstalling and reinstalling, Checked updates, etc.. I loved playing this game been playing for a while.I played yesterday and everything was there,I log in tonight to play and everything is gone, all my cards I got, all the spins I had, all the building I done, everything is gone. I logged out then back in to see if that helped, but it didn't.Nothing is back everything just gone all my hard work.What happened?I updated the app on the last update so that's not the problem cause everything was there after that.It became a new year so it all deleted. Way to slow to enjoy it so uninstalled. Best one ever for spin games!. I love this game but I don't like that I have to log into Facebook every time I play the game..

Well me n my daughter play this on a daily basis,we gathered a good amount of spins of 40,000 by doing different tasks n things,I had spent 200 bill yesterday on trying to complete card sets for her and got non finished,today I have spent double that an more for her and still not 1 complete set.she has 20 sets of cards all on 8 out of 9 and with the amount of mo ey I have spent on there surely 1 set atleast should of got fully complete but no it didn't. Used to be a fair game but since update its harder to complete challenges you use way more spins than you win it never lands on item you need they are trying to make you spend money but in reality you just don't play as much. Just not fun any more and it cost way to.much to just keep rebuilding everything everyday even when to think you have the shields you come back an hour later and they are all gone and your stuff is blown up. Ugh. I mean I love the game it is fun but the one thing I don't understand about it is when you have a lot of coins and you have a lot of cards that only have 8 of 9 in them and you spend billions on top of billions of coins to try to get a new card you don't get it that's what I don't understand about the game why play the game and get all of these billions of coins when it's not going to let you get a new card I have several 8 of 9 cards..... I love how the developers take advice right now the game is working great and I have no complaints or opinions.

Took forever to load then kept switching off ...not worth the hassle. This game could be good but I just doesn't give you the rewards they say you can earn gold cards but some how expect you to get 172 but only have events every few days and there can only be one winner could deffo do better oh and don't complain coz they just give u same bull everytime send screenshots how wen the problem is the way they set it all up. I use to love this game, but now there is no way to prevent attacks, you do get shields but unless you log in several times a day to regenerate them, you're buildings get burnt to the ground and it will cost you BILLIONS to rebuild them, and they keep messing with the costs of the cards every few days, I know card prices go up the more you advance in the game and thats fine, but they change it even when your not advancing in levels, the game just isn't fun anymore.. Ok so after I tell y'all the game hasn't been glitchy it starts glitching to the point it won't even get past the loading screen. Please fix it I love the game it's relaxing and fun for me and I would love to give it the 5 stars I had originally and I will if I can play but until then this is what you get.. My game is only loading so far and then won't let me play it just freezes only just recently started doing this over the last week or two and usually play the game daily really disappointed.

Ever since the last update the game glitches and you are unable to read the amounts or coins,spins, etc. It also has caused me to lose spins.. Can yell please fix the bonus games cuz evwrytime I save money and go to play there's been a glitch and I'm losing money as well as not getting my rewards. Was fun to play when first came out but now just like all the others money money money. Will not let me update the game. Love love the game! It does get frustrating sometimes, like every time I go back to play every thing has been hit. It's expensive to redo the items. Fun game.

It a ok game til it don't give you,your spins when you upgrade. Could be better if offered an app like coin masters that offer free spins and coins. I barely get started and now can't do anything til I wait and wait for spins to keep playing. If takes much longer I'll uninstall. I had the game for months no problem. Then for the 1st time I get over 2000 spins and it freezes and I have to update and lose it all. Still waiting on a response..... Good game just needs to fix a few bugs. The only annoying thing with this game is,, is how often the bonus' come, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy them just not every few spins..

Since update I can not buy any of the special deals.. Really wish they will take out the Event Center. Can't see any of the game except in pieces everything else is black screen and it lags and freezes if I could give it a -5 I would. I just started this game couple of days ago and I dislike it, zero rate just like piggy go and the other games they always give the same card you will never get to complete card sets at all. And they always give 2symbols and they made it even harder to hit 1 symbol. Coin tales, mafia master, coin master and crazy fox all of these are zero rating lol..... Please stop the hand pointing at the chest I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN love the game I CAN OPEN CHESTS BYSELF DO NOT NEED ANY HELP.

Love this game can't earn stars or coins fast enough. Changed my original review for 3 stars to 5 due to them fixing alot of issues within the game. Potentially a good game but continually says no Internet connection when claiming login item and cards although I am constantly connected to thee Internet. I did not receive my tournament final prize..1000 spins. Fun fun fun an more fun!!!!.

Not happy with this game I purchased something and it only gave me half of what I bought it did not give me everything, what a rip off. If you play this game don't buy anything or you won't get everything it says you get.. I can't get on the game to play it for.about 3 weeks that's why I Rate it a 2 I like the game. Loved this game until the last update. Pay outs changed. Bonus game winnings are substantially less than before, I was winning over 100 million with the bird and monkey and after update I'm lucky if I get more than $15,000..use 500 spins to get $350,000 which is only one upgrade to my game play. Make it worth the time.. Can't play the game. It wants me to update and when I click on it nothing happens. Update- August 31 Still can't update. Uninstalling. 7-14-2022. It won't let me go on my facebook to login it want me to updated before signing in. I had this game like sometime this year. Only 3-4 months. I use to love it. Im deleting. To update this today 8-31-2022 Idk why im updating. I love its since days after in july 14th. But i hate updating alot of times. But I will get this game back. Since it say update i cant play it. I'm deleting it. But i will get it back. I love it. But it can be annoying..

Was fun even though the rewards aren't much of anything. Now it won't even load up the game.. I like the game but it takes way to long to load!. At times I love the game and at times I hate it but I love it all total. The game is a lot of fun come and play with me and then you can send me free stuff and I'll do the same it would be Awesome to use Friend request . God Bless EVERYONE AMEN . Absolutely loved this then all of a sudden the amounts of coins I win dropped drastically and I mean drastically and its not so much fun anymore!.

I really enjoy playing this game. It's really relaxing. I wish I was able to get more spins though.. The last update wasn't that great, the pet bonus events are terrible now as they've drastically lowered the amount of coins you get, considering on past level 60 on them all and 215% with them but I'm barely getting money from it. The game is going downhill, which is a shame as I did thoroughly enjoy playing this game.. Videl: Don't worry! I's about time.. I've enjoy the game but after the last update, I can't get it the bet option Tobe more than x1 which takes a long time to get through more than 400 energy. This was 1 of my favorite games but now since the new update I don't get enough energy to build anything so I'm having to uninstall.

I was enjoying it up till the recent update now u don't win as much and is taking a lot longer to upgrade they are basically forcing you to spend money. And there are several glitches I'm about to delete it. I've been playing everyday for months and hate to lose what I've built. from what I've read in the ratings if u have been playing for awhile and everytime they do an update it screws with your version of they don't do something in the next few days I'm gone. I like the game but since I done my last update it will not let me bet any higher than one. If it is not fixed I will delete the game. Things in this game are way way way way to expensive and you barely get any coins when you spin. I love the game but I don't play often because you only get to fix maybe one thing a day, maybe. That's if you are lucky enough to get enough coins within 70 spins. There should be more spins as well. I enjoy playing the game each and every day I have played other games like this but I have found that this game more fun to play. Wish you had more way's to win pet food.

I love this game! I've been playing it for about 4 months now and I'm on level 27 and enjoy playing it with friends on FB!. I like the game i play it with my family but all of a sudden they are not on my friends list and im not on there even though im connected through Facebook.. so unhappy about that. I made a purchase and did not receive anything and no one answers at all. Just learning the strategy of the game let you know later. Love this game so much fun.

I have spent quite a bit of money on this game to only be stuck on level 29 because gold stars are so hard to get very frustrating. Unbelievable. I've spent real currency on this game still can't unlock next chapter. I've spent over 12 billion in coins today on cards and pet food still can't unlock the next chapter. I know it's not supposed to be easy but I think that's a pretty tough one there.. I liked this game a bunch first and now I am point nope not going to spend another penny on it because I did because I thought a glitch...big waste...I have been playing for months and was having so much fun... not anymore... because so messed up and all my stuff disappeared and game team will not respond soon umm. Great game no ads love it. It was awesome and fun to play spin a spell I really did enjoy my self .

It was a fun game in the beginning but like others have said, it takes more and more coins.. Good game but not enough to complete the sets. I click on the mansion.. still no bonuses?? . Great game all should play it. Need to have a way to earn more stars. I have been stuck for a month trying to get to the 6200 to open the next level..

It's a nice game. It has too many glitches and freeze up. I lost too many coins . It killed time. When time to get reward nothing happen there no time on it .. Cant change user name and avatar dont use facebook im tired of being known as guest 440...... ive been playing for around 6 to 8 months.. I really love this game but your developer asked for a update and 50 spin was too be given to you but I know that I didn't get them please address ASAP Thank you Clevia Wbite. Nice game but I lost my progress while trying to connect to FB. It said error and wouldn't connect and then the app stopped opening. I deleted and reinstalled it but my progress was lost. Too bad! Am not going to start from scratch!. not happy it went to my phone not to my computer.

I love the features of this game kinda fun. You can customize the design of your village nice job Dev. I rate it five . When you collect cards in game there are alot of mistakes the pictures don't correspond with the name of the whatever is on the card. Whoever does graphic designs should look online to actually see what the picture actually look like then design it into the game. If that was done correctly which should've been done in the first place. If this doesn't get fixed I won't play anymore and too pricey as well.. Now that I've updated the game I can no longer play it. Finally working great. Everything is way to expensive to upgrade. Viking is impossible etc. No luck game. Definitely un installing.. Great game would be nice to have a few more extra spins tho.

Was going to uninstal game . but im giving it one more try . i really do like it but it gets stuck in bonus rounds an i have to close game . an reopen it again . when i do . It takes my bonus away an also energy . its getting old quick.. Is there any thing i can do get my stuff back . can it be fixed?. I love the grafics. Quick to earn money but for an area to be opened it is a bit problematic. The game is great.. I am enjoying the game very much at the moment.. This game was super fun to start with. However it throttles way too hard. You go from having like a hundred per upgrade to over a million, (64 MILLION was the latest) in no time at all absolutely ridiculous you have to spin for two days just to do one upgrade.. Horrible experience watching the advertisements are funner than the actual game.

Trash game it gives u just enugh spins to hang your self with then it gives u nothing. I absolutely love this game, it's really additive once you start playing you don't want to stop and you don't have to spend any money to play it or to buy things I've never spent a penny on it i know some people say that you have to spend a lot of money on this game to get further on in the game but believe me that's not true i guarantee you will love this game Xxx. I like the concept. Fun idea, nice graphics. But like others have said, after a certain point, you stop earning as much, but things cost more. In the beginning I was earning millions and getting lots of spins, but once I hit chapter 4, I'm not earning hardly any spins and only a few thousand coins (yet upgrades now cost hundreds of thousands). That's not fun to me because it means there's literally nothing to do. Uninstalled.. Was 5 stars but since I can't play and they apparently don't care, I dropped rating to 1 star. I wrote them several months ago about this and still nothing. I really liked the game but I haven't been able to play it since the update. When I go to update the game it tell me to install it. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it does the same thing. ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FIX THIS SO THE UPDATE WORKS???.

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