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The legendary action game returns to mobile platforms in the same dynamic performance. Everyone who fell in love with the first part of this action should definitely download Standoff 2 for Android and take part in the new events that this shooter has visited. The entire gameplay is created from the first person view and allows you to enjoy realistic three-dimensional graphics. Unlock a huge number of new maps where fantastic battles will take place and collect as many weapons as possible in your own arsenal. The player will be able to take part in several game modes and arrange a massacre with the opposing team. If you can download Standoff 2 for Android, you will get the following gameplay features:

standoff 2
Codes (2023 December) 0.25.1

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All CodesExpiration date
OMADETNZ2KINovember 13, 2022
K4ZQRD0975October 27, 2022
MT1B3VJIZDecember 17, 2022
0EQ8BJZGP2RNovember 11, 2022
XC79U083GVPIDecember 4, 2022
7LUYS0A9KTPNovember 8, 2022
NSLB9QH43AVDecember 1, 2022
S9GDRXFAONNovember 30, 2022
MPX7SBGCENovember 7, 2022
DAHNM43WL0VOctober 22, 2022
4DWUO29XGLS7November 11, 2022
WN1546PIXGUNovember 11, 2022
  • Five original and realistically recreated maps on which skirmishes will take place;
  • Three game modes with their own gameplay features;
  • The ability to add friends, communicate with them using the in-game chat and participate in joint battles;
  • Control settings in such a style that you feel comfortable;
  • An endless amount of fun from the gameplay;
  • A large arsenal of weapons, which has all the real weapons.

Special forces and terrorists 3D shooting game Only in this realistic shooting game, the developers have worked hard to create high-quality graphics and excellent detailing of the game world and all elements. Cool epic shooting games in which you will find a wide variety of warriors from the enemy team. Huge game space and a variety of opportunities to use even bombs. Try taking part in five-on-five-player battles or take part in the deathmatch mode. Everywhere it will be interesting and unimaginably beautiful to participate. Use modern game control settings and choose the paths to move along the storyline.

Download ( V0.25.1 )
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