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Star Trek Fleet Command is a fantastic and scientific journey through the galaxy. You have to test yourself in the role of a researcher of unearthly borders and visit planets where no one has set foot before.

Star Trek Fleet Command
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First of all, everyone must decide on which side he wants to continue to fight in outer space. Klingons or Romulans, choose which one is more interesting to you. Strive to capture as many planets and territories as possible. Try to open a huge number of mysteries and mysterious moments. Increase your influence in space and earn rewards. Improve your heroes, characters, upgrade equipment and naturally take care of the ship. It’s really hard to be a squadron leader, but you have to get over it. Hire experienced officers to your team and they will do most of the work for you in Star Trek Fleet Command. Features of Star Trek Fleet Command

  • Tense space atmosphere;
  • Many ships and types of characters for the army;
  • Travel in the universe;
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics with fantastic effects;
  • Creation of alliances and team battles;
  • The mode of building and developing your own base;
  • Innovative discoveries.

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