Codes New - Updated on January 1, 2023

Star Trek Trexels II is a chance to go on the best space adventures and have fun there. Gather your favorite heroes together and put them in spaceships to start these journeys.

All Codes Expiration date
E3L9I5G8YPV February 22, 2023
2GCMQAVS1J January 11, 2023
40BJV38HZ January 23, 2023
2R9E8TUPV5W February 1, 2023
2KATYFJW1ODN January 24, 2023
1FAWG09PTXU February 23, 2023
MGJ6DE2LS5V January 10, 2023
92Q5DG8ZRW February 13, 2023
OUBETCS2N January 13, 2023
ROECKP8T9HD January 12, 2023
18SKBXV2QFTH January 30, 2023
JOV6GQMTAI7 February 22, 2023

A huge number of a wide variety of spaceships will be available to players right now. You will be able to plant the most legendary heroes for their management and go with them in search of new opportunities. Assign officers to Star Trek Trexels II in charge of finding new adventures and manage your own team of characters. Get ready to explore a huge variety of worlds and travel to places that no one else knew anything about. You will need to show incredible courage during the adventure to find a huge number of opportunities and new missions. Relive Star Trek Trexels II and bring back all your favorite heroes like Spock, Kirk, Picard or even Data to your fleet. Naturally, all the characters from the Star Trek universe will be in this game, and you will be able to control them. Heroes are assembled from Star Trek Trexels II Build your first ship and modify it in the future. It is necessary to make the ship fully comply with the requirements and features. The player in the process can only be content with their own tastes, and there is also, possibly, to explore many different planets and all this takes place in a turn-based game mode. A huge number of worlds behind the journey, on which you can spend a huge amount of time. It will be especially interesting to engage in battles between other space teams. In Star Trek Trexels II, you will discover a huge number of possibilities, as well as try out the features of the multiplayer mode.

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