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A Starship Facility: Zerg Invasion has the most technologically superior machines in terms of fundamentals. It is a world where the remaining forces on earth fight each other. They face each other due to the supply of resources. Notably, many individuals gathered to assemble the bases. It’s a metropolis that has grown a lot, but it consumes a little gasoline. That’s why you should deal and compete with each other.

To be able to survive in a world where energy is diplomacy. Many newcomers could not stand the stress. Shedding and failing will often frustrate people. But the winner was by equal difficulty. As long as you can be good and focus a lot to adjust the town. Grow and strengthen your army with mined resources.

Starship: Zerg Invasion


The base assembly is protected in Starship: Zerg Invasion and is high quality. Protect survivors from the end for posterity. Grow your territory along with your energy. Consolidate and develop an even richer metropolis. Mine mines for useful assets and the rewards you get if you master them. Have the ability to turn the tide when you’re left alone by the onslaught of your opponents.

Summon troops

Recruit using alternatives. Is about the total amount of money and resources you have to get the elite warriors. It’s your key drive for sources. Territory development along with a claim on the battlefield. Soldiers will probably be classified for guests to know. You may want to look for hints about some of the imperatives earlier than doing it.

Pk to survive

Starship: Zerg Invasion fight and fight against the waves of malice gathered in your city. Direct eco-friendly special warriors with your smart management. Create the genre methods of an excellent strategist. Lead the city up in a world where battlefields are everywhere. Strengthen your forces so that you can become stronger day after day. Do all the problems to potentially accumulate wins.

Download ( V2.1.205 )
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