Codes New - Updated on December 30, 2022

Do you believe that the outcome of the battle is decided not by the size of the army, but by the ability to correctly place your fighters in strategically important positions? This is the secret to success in the game Steampunk Defense, another representative of the Tower Defense genre, that is, “tower defense”. Try it and test your abilities!

Steampunk Defense Gift Codes (2023 January) 20.32.626
All Codes Expiration date
F4HC0XGQ8EP January 25, 2023
RLJ6BM2E51 February 12, 2023
C9IG2M0WE December 31, 2022
10JGZFSU5Y7 January 29, 2023
GWAKQ2607EFJ January 29, 2023
1U8I0ZCXKGY January 2, 2023
E4VOHCUS1TK January 28, 2023
6IOKV3FMY9 February 4, 2023
9TPAJ6VIQ January 16, 2023
XY1WI5834TG February 11, 2023
8Y4OKJX7L93P February 23, 2023
K59XMGYTP7D February 21, 2023

So, you are in the amazing world of steam, where there is a war between different factions. You will take command of one of these factions and fight the Evil Legion. His army has already managed to inflict significant damage on the enemy, but there is a special advantage on your side – you are familiar with secret technologies discovered by the best scientists. Now it’s up to you to use them correctly.

Steampunk Defense can be played on an easier or higher difficulty level. Naturally, the higher the level, the greater the reward for passing it. As a reward, you get gold, which can be spent on upgrading towers and pumping heroes. Starting the battle, you place your fighters in the best positions, and then you simply do not need to allow the enemy to your tower. Management here is elementary – just press the buttons and enjoy the game!

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