APK - Updated on January 15, 2023

Steppy Pants is a real simulator in which the player has to control walking based on realistic physics. In such a simulator it will be unrealistically fun and you need to try to keep your balance.

Steppy Pants
  MOD APK (God Mode) 2.8.16

The main thing is not to worry and play in a calm tone. Then you will definitely be able to overcome a huge number of difficulties and help the pedestrian cope with the most dangerous and difficult sections. Overcome difficulties and step over them. The main task in Steppy Pants is to catch the right balance so that the person does not collapse. Thus, you will be able to complete many levels based on a realistic physics engine. Try to avoid cracks that the character can suddenly trip over. It’s really all very fun and funny, so you’ll be ready to play constantly. Thanks to the features of Steppy Pants, you will easily cheer yourself up and will not be bored with the game. Have a huge amount of fun every day and just move through the streets. No one has been able to contain himself yet and everyone laughed at the game. Monsters must be able to walk in Steppy Pants In general, there is nothing difficult in controlling such a game process, and even children will quickly get used to the principles. The main thing is to go right and not step on cracks that can drop the character. Keep your balance and don’t sway. A huge number of different locations will be waiting for you in Steppy Pants, and each has its own difficulties. You have to work hard to overcome them. There are also a dozen different personalities as characters. Play as a walker, zombie, mutant or even a bear. The choice is interesting and each character looks funny in its own way. The entire game world is made in high-quality three-dimensional graphics, which reaches the highest level. Use physics to keep from falling and find the right balance with simple tapas.

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