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It seems that there are no such people in the world who met games with Stickman and remained indifferent to them. The eternally troubled “stick, stick, cucumber” cannot live without adventures, and this time he was carried into deep antiquity.

Stick War: Legacy Codes (2023 June) 2023.1.7
Codes ListExpiration dateNumber of
GL5X6YO2I4QJuly 19, 2022364
RHGSQ5K1A7August 19, 2022355
1IDL25VWOAugust 27, 2022895
RNEVWIS1TZAAugust 27, 2022689
TKWFM58S3OAGJuly 28, 2022697
4KDB861PTC3July 13, 2022465

Meet the wall-to-wall strategy – Stick War: Legacy. Of course, the idea is not new, although the developers of stickman games have come up with little that is new, except for the stickman itself. But we must give them their due, they know how to remake games in their own way.

And now another creation of this studio saw the light. And made him happy. The game turned out great, all the shortcomings of previous creations are hidden or fixed, a large number of new features have been added. Destroy the rival’s royal statue and get bonuses and rewards, and then upgrade your warriors and your castle along with the workers, and go to a new battle.

The essence of the game comes down to the fact that at opposite ends of the road there are one statue of the kings, yours and the enemy, respectively. The goal of the battle is to break the statue. Gold mines will be scattered throughout the field, to which you need to send workers as soon as possible, and immediately send a convoy and a defending detachment that will cover your hard worker while he replenishes your treasury.

And in the end, despite any shortcomings, this game is played and will be played, because it has its own “bitten apple” – Stickman.

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