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The Stickman Battlefields game will take you into an indescribable atmosphere filled with interesting events. You have to show everything that you are capable of. After all, a tactical arcade shooter is filled with unpredictable situations through which you have to go.

List of CodesExpiration date
3ZTDWJ5A70PSeptember 9, 2022
9ABODHNJ5YSeptember 3, 2022
ATQV2FSJLSeptember 6, 2022
WKR3DPE9VTNSeptember 26, 2022
N96CLH4S8PE0August 26, 2022
4BZLV65JER9September 23, 2022

To begin with, you will need to choose your favorite weapon and equipment, and then you can safely go on an individual mission. Do not forget about explosive elements, because without them it will be difficult for you to cope with the tasks!

You can choose for yourself not only an individual mission, but also an online game mode for several users. Here you can use different vehicles, tanks and even attack helicopters. You will get additional pleasure not only from your victories, but also from the landscapes that will accompany you throughout the game. Boldly knock out windows and destroy all obstacles before landing behind enemy lines.

The game has a number of features that make it a favorite for many users. The atmosphere of the battle in the game is very realistic and rich, more than 100 missions are available. Real-time synchronous multi-user control can be used. Some missions are designed specifically for training. You can choose not only weapons and uniforms, but also the weather. The best results of the battles are recorded in the final leaderboard.

Onward to adventure! You can’t be late, because the enemies are on the alert!

Download ( V2.1.1 )
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