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IN Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin there are performance issues on all platforms – this was noted in the reviews before the release. It looks like the community has begun to understand why it’s so bad: the developers left raw models in the game.

About it writes one of the users – he pulled the models from the archives Stranger of Paradise and looked at the geometry data for some of the minor creatures. It turned out something like this:

  • The geometry of a single enemy alone can weigh up to 30 megabytes.
  • Bat – 335,000 triangles.
  • Soldier – 393,000 triangles.
  • Boss with wings – 1,818,000 triangles (and 90 megabytes of geometry alone – without textures and other things).

These are completely unhealthy indicators. Typically, late-era PlayStation 4 games (and Stranger of Paradise refers specifically to such) the main character is allocated from 100,000 to 150,000 polygons. But this is the main character – he gets a lot more polygonal budget than opponents and extras! “That damn bat has almost three times as many polygons as Kiryu from the cutscene in Yakuza 0!» — writes one of the amateur developers.

Models are indeed created with a very large number of polygons, but before being introduced into the game, retopology is carried out – a process that reduces the resolution of the mesh of a 3D model. If everything is done sensibly, then the visible detailing of the model does not decrease much, but the graphic load is greatly facilitated. Eyewitnesses suspect that Stranger of Paradise did not do retopology.

Such detailed geometry could work if using Unreal Engine 5 with nanites – this bundle, for example, provided several billion polygons in buildings in the tech demo The Matrix Awakens. But it seems Stranger of Paradise relies on the studio’s internal engine Team Ninja. This means that it was clearly not worth it to mindlessly poke hundreds of thousands of polygons into the frame.

Bonus example of careless optimization in Stranger of Paradise. The author of the video claims that he has an RTX 3090. In a conversation with this character, the performance drops to 18 fps. But if you remove the fur cape, then there will be a clear 30 fps with a frame limiter (the game still does not get to a stable 60 fps). Accordingly, a single fur cape is so ridiculously optimized that it costs at least 12 fps even on the most powerful video card.

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