News - Updated on March 29, 2022

publishing house Prime Matter and studio Blackbird Interactive presented a real-time strategy demo Crossfire: Legion – yes, based on the same online shooter.

Demo version

The sample is available as part of the Games to Be festival on Steam until February 28, 21:00 Moscow time. The demo includes the following new features:

Third faction

The origin of the New Reach is shrouded in mystery, but the general information is as follows:

The New Reach is a global syndicate of corporations committed to transcending humanity’s limitations by promoting, embedding and integrating artificial intelligence into every aspect of society. The purpose of the New Limit is to make society more efficient, productive, and safer. To transform all aspects of people’s daily lives for the better, freeing them from the burden of autonomy. The noble intention seems impossible, but the New Limit is pushing it too hard.

The units of this faction are slow and expensive, but they are distinguished by strength and survivability.

Commanders of the New Reach and their abilities


  • Null Field – Allies in the area of ​​effect temporarily take less damage from all sources.

  • Radiation Zone – Radiation bursts occur in the selected area, causing damage to enemies.


  • Support Drone – Sends a support drone to the target, expanding vision, detecting hidden targets, and strengthening the armor of nearby allies.

  • Drone Swarm – Puts support drones into combat mode. They will go to the selected point, attacking nearby enemies. Having spent energy, the drones will self-destruct.


  • Satellite tracking – the observation satellite scans the target and its surroundings for some time. Targets that are watched take more damage.

  • Solar Flare – An orbital laser fires briefly at the target area. The firing marker can be moved while the laser is attacking.

Future plans

  • Rebalancing current units, including attack range, damage, armor, and cost.

  • Revised commander ability limits.

  • Changing the camera and scale of models.

  • Correction of player search algorithms.

  • Detailed match parameters in the lobby so that users can set resource limits and maximum population in unranked games.

Open Beta Crossfire: Legion starts in April and The release will happen in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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