APK - Updated on August 23, 2022

An interesting game about a zombie apocalypse, which can easily be classified as a shooter.

List of Cheat APKExpiration date
CUNBP3H6GRDSeptember 9, 2022
BL4S3NVDXJSeptember 25, 2022
2PF1VM9Y0September 14, 2022
TCFAPSMEIB8September 3, 2022
DHM0BSI78E6RAugust 29, 2022
DSU1HGQOMA3September 7, 2022

A terrible misfortune happened on Earth, the virus that causes the mutation broke free again and now most of the population is stupid zombies. This has happened before, do you remember how well you did last time? Try to solve the problem yourself and now. Take a weapon and go to war against the walking dead.

Try to confuse the dead, confuse them with your logical moves, but do not forget about firearms. You will be provided with 4 types of unusual military equipment, including:

• Shotgun that never fails;

• A rocket launcher that fires a crazy volley;

• A grenade launcher made for you by a caring grandmother;

• And something new: a bomber that acts like a baseball bat!

Intrigued? Then start the game soon, because, in addition to unique weapons, you are expected to:

• 150 unique levels, each of which differs from the previous one, both in complexity and in design;

• The ability to play with friends: unite against the walking dead, and then the enemies will definitely not have a single chance of survival;

• Wonderful graphics and smooth mechanics, no jerks and jams.

Try to defeat the army of opponents, fight the zombies again and this time completely wipe them off the face of the Earth!

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