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The pornographic revolution that all concerned gamers in the world dreamed of has come true – Subverse has entered early access. And judging by what he saw (and so far this is only the first act), it really became the first porn work, which at the same time can be called a full-fledged, high-quality and fairly expensive game. Now I will prove it to you.

Sexual revolution

First of all, there is a full-fledged plot in which we are really talking about a revolution – it is raised against the Empire by the main character, an intergalactic macho, a captain in a mask. And he is helped in this (and some even strongly directed) by sexy girls who gradually join the crew of the starship “Maria Celeste”.

And they do it not only in order to immediately be in the captain’s bed. A droid girl who is “sharpened” not only to satisfy sexual whims, but also to help in managing the ship; a scientist involved in dangerous genetic experiments; a succubus-like leader of a pirate clan, eager to take revenge on all those who destroyed her race – each (and there will obviously be others later) has its own story, a bunch of dialogues and a role in the script.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

The captain and his “chicks”.

And the scenario revolves not only around the desire to topple the powerful Empire and the political intrigues caused by this – there is personal revenge, and the search for legendary treasures, and showdowns with hysterical pirates, and the problems of individual races, naturally associated with reproduction. That is, everything is quite tense and intriguing, although it is served with a humorous porno.

There are also more or less grotesque villains. And if the pirate captain, eager, among other things, to get that same droid girl (it was he who turned her into a sex machine, but did not have time to use all the functions), is rather ridiculous, then the charismatic leader of the terrorists, who sends hunters after our soul, is really annoying – it is felt that we will not have problems with it. And then, most likely, we’ll drag you to bed anyway …

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

Even the girl on the right seems to be allowed to be his concubine. By the way, she reminds me of Mileena from Mortal Kombat.

Time to play…

The gameplay in Subverse at the moment also looks interesting and complete – it’s a mixture of Mass Effect and XCOM. On our spaceship, we fly between systems and scan the planets there to find resources (monetary, technical or biological), complete a quest (if available) or just fight for the sake of pumping the same resources. The only pity is that it is not clearly indicated on which planet the side quest is available or the parts of the treasure map necessary for the plot are located – you have to clear everything according to one scheme.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

We’ve seen something like this before…

Battles in space are made in the style of bullet hell – by controlling the figurine of a ship, we constantly shoot a bunch of enemies and maneuver between the shells fired at us. Depending on which of the girls is chosen as a pilot, tactics change slightly – a scientist named Lily can hit from a distance with single powerful shots, and a succubus (her name is Killy) as an alternative fire mode shoots shots like from a shotgun.

Surviving in such situations is sometimes difficult.

Tactical battles take place on the ground – in turn-based mode, using action points, we move our fighters, attack, use special abilities and go on the defensive. Again, the leader can be Lily or Killy (they have different skills), and the same fighting manticores help them. For victories in space and on earth, the girls gain experience and resources and grow in levels, the manticores are also gradually pumped.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

In addition to the usual skills, each girl has ultimate abilities.

Well, the ship “Mary Celeste” itself is an analogue of the base, again from XCOM: there is an engineering department, a laboratory for growing combat manticores and a hangar, where you can buy upgrades for various starship systems (weapons, shields, hull, etc.) ).

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

Some features are not yet available here.

Of course, there is no special depth here – this is still a porn parody – but in general it is interesting to play. And if at first battles on the ground seem simpler than tense and dynamic fights in space, then closer to the finale of the first act, and there the evening ceases to be languid – some tactical battles had to be replayed several times. In any case, there are quite complex fights with bosses and multi-stage story missions that do not always work out the first time. That is, both pumping and collecting resources are really needed.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

Even the stations that need to be protected look… frivolous.

…And watch

As for the main thing, for the sake of which we all gathered here and what holds together all the above elements of the gameplay, then everything is at a high level with porn in Subverse. The sex scenes are excellent, animated in detail and tastefully choreographed. Moreover, all the girls are different, colorful and belong to different races. And their well-developed stories cause a special desire to finally drag this “waifu” into bed. I feel that some will then be included in the tops of the hottest video game “chicks”.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

Killy is already my favorite!

In general, everything is according to the laws of Mass Effect – with the difference that Subverse has much more explicit scenes. Moreover, unlike typical hentai, there is no need to download a special 18+ patch to watch them uncensored. In addition, dick, fuck and their derivatives are mentioned through the word. The game was made by developers who are at the same time anxious regulars of porn sites, who know very well how MILF differs from POV. It is not surprising that some quest givers in the game first watch porn, mentioning these terms, and only then turn to us.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

Robot girl Demi seems the most normal at first, but she is also horny.

In this sense, everything is not so hard in Japanese hentai – often there are languid speeches, hints and words, but there is not so much frankly porn vocabulary. For some players, this can become a problem – if sex scenes with a particular girl, as a rule, are shown once in the story, and then they can not be included, then there is no escape from such greasy speeches and chuckles.

However, even if you do not watch explicit scenes, some girls in the dialogues repeat the corresponding movements.

Therefore, humor and parodies will also be appreciated only by the same preoccupied ones. No, there are, of course, more general situations understandable to everyone and funny characters, like the same pirate captain, but basically the humor in Subverse is specific. Which, in general, is logical – you just need to understand what game you are in.

But for lovers of strawberries 18+, everything here is done with high quality and taste. In a separate menu for special points, we unlock new porn scenes with one or another girl who can have sex with a car or even with a bunch of tentacles. You can also chat with the ladies, give them gifts and buy new costumes.

SUBVERSE: Early Version Preview

Examination is carried out by a gynecologist droid.

Subverse is still working on the classic principle of hentai – in order to fulfill his great mission, the hero collects a harem of girls of various colors and periodically puts them to bed. There, too, often there is a full-fledged plot and interesting mechanics. The difference is that Subverse does feel like a fairly expensive game, with tons of well-chosen cutscenes and expressive voice acting. One can only hope that the authors will maintain the pace taken, bring their plans to the end and in the process still do not fall completely into a porn comedy exclusively for their and their “friends”.

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