APK - Updated on January 25, 2023

Sudoku is the most famous and addictive puzzle game for your device. Try this game at least once in your life is definitely worth it.

Sudoku  MOD APK (High Damage)

The game will please anyone – both a longtime admirer of the genre and a beginner. If you have denied yourself the pleasure of playing Sudoku many times because of the seeming difficulty, finally there is a solution for you! The game is equipped with hints and can teach the player the rules of Sudoku easily and in detail. To get advice at any level, click on the Hint button. The system will indicate what to do with the help of colorful animations and pictures. But do not think that hints only give out the right move: if you do not want to simplify your task too much, the in-game help will only indicate the correct strategy. Even experienced players will discover new methods for solving problems.

There are a lot of Sudoku levels in the game, enough for many hours of play. You can undo and redo actions indefinitely. Five types of difficulty are available. Master the rules and advance in solving a variety of puzzles.

The game interface is clear, the font size can be adjusted. The appearance of the game will delight you in moments of thought: there are five design options and two options for the appearance of the cells. The game can check errors automatically.

You can play in any position, it supports both types of orientation in space. The achievements of masters from all over the world can be found through the table of results.

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